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  1. Does a great thing to my heart, seeing men doing what men are supposed to be doing. Today all you ever see are young " boys" playing video games. I say boy's because if you never learn how to be a man you will mever grow up. God bless you fellas.

  2. If only this weren't such an isolated example of what could be… But it is. And things are too far gone to even hope for any wholesale changes that big anymore. If anything, that makes what you are doing even more important.

  3. For as long as a white man without a high school diploma earns more money than a black man with a college degree then Blacks can never, I repeat, never unify with Whites. So Pastor Dowell is building an illusion

  4. Just one question is there any other way than straight way. Way to serve the most high it seems every hebrew, chuch, Jehovah witness ect organization has the one and only and all others are lost. And lots of things groups spring out of other groups get knowledge and something to it after they find out a new truth or something they don't agree with weather right or wrong then start new organizations and tell you now they only have the keys good stuff here on this channel as well as others but it seems like every 10 to 20 it's anew thing and the old folks got it wrong ect ect just wondering has anyone eles feel the same are see this trend also

  5. And one more thing. Pastor, I've watched you for years. And back around 2012 I took your advice to heart and bought silver. It's not much, maybe around 50 to 75 ounces. American Silver Eagles. Thankyou sir. Thankyou for the advice. Thankyou for sharing that type of wisdom. I believe the country will collapse and I am appreciative of that advice, as I don't feel as stressed about it.