Charles Dowell | – I Do Not Care What The President Says, Am I The Only One?

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  1. Let's get this right Joe Biden is the president of the corporate United States created in 1871. He's not the president of the United States of America the organic Republic created in 1776 with the ratification of Constitution

  2. Pastor l have never listened to any of these political clowns in government seriously. Honestly I will listen to you and make my own assessment because you're a Man of Truth and led with The Spirit of Yah and you actually are concerned and care about the People, or least the ones with ears to hear. So Pastor you're not the only one. Stay strong in the faith and stay ready for the fight.Love you and all of Yisreal.

  3. I have not listened to any of his speeches or press confernces He hide out in his basement during the entire 2020 Election. He knew the election was going to be rigged and stolen. Besides Obama and Valeri Jerit is running the show from their house in Washington DC.

  4. The whole Biden family is owned by China is one’s of the most corrupted families in our political system. The sad thing is most people on the left love him he. Biden is just a sick, old evil, and racist old man. The Democratic agenda is to destroy America and our freedoms and turn America into a communist country. They are dividing us by using the racist propaganda meanwhile they destroy our economy and small businesses and our police departments across America. we must unite and make a stand now. We all know that the vxxxx was created in wuhan an released by [email protected] this is a crime to all humanity they need to be held accountable for this evil agenda. People need to wake the hell up. God bless everyone.

  5. DO NOT LISTEN TO BIDEN!! He is a big part of the problem. I feel so bad that you all there in America are getting the slow news. Pastor Dowell you may need to get yourself a VPN. That will tell you a lot of things that you need to know.

  6. He makes me sick on the stomach. His creepy voice. He is trying to charm people with a low tone like he is whispering almost. He thinks that he is being mellow! Mellow Joe! Get the hell on with your bs

  7. Shout to all veteran,s they lied to you to l talked with a veteran at the vh and he told me that their trying to kill them by feeding them all these medications,s and always,s wanting to run routine test on them big pharm. Dozen,t cars who it is I,m the legal drug dealer not you.

  8. He is a reptilian and they vowed that they would rise to power and they have the reptilian tribe were the one,s guilty of misleading eve when the book said serpent it is talking about them they walk up right they dont , slither.