Charles Dowell | – It's Better If A Man Does Not Marry?

Paul had a few things to say about this subject.

Please watch: “Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned”


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  1. Pastor I appreciate your videos. I am mgtow. I married a "christian" woman who turned out to be a Jezebel. I paid a Heavy price. Never again. God will judge me for my choices but my choices shall be mine. Not a woman or a government.

  2. Men won't be controlled ,shaped ,molded but a woman should?!??! I had a loser man for 17 years and he couldn't get his crap together, I was supporting him, his daughter from be a previous, our son and myself!!! So when someone says you're probably one of those that don't even have a man, I ask you why would I want to one???!!? Talk about DRAMA!!! You talk about women, try taking a look at the males out there!!!

  3. I'm a Christian and MGTOW. This generation of women need to die out. I married a christian woman who talked the talk, but would not walk the walk. She read the bible every day, and attended church every Sunday,along with bible studies and women's retreats. The woman could never separate her self from her past life. Eventually, she sought out an old "bad boy" friend. Marriage over.

  4. We often talk about women doing Men wrong. But there are Men not being Husband's and Fathers as well and to single Parent Sons or Daughters that grow up in this world you get attacked by these same problems Pastor Dowell just mentioned. I don't want to be a player or Selfish Man towards my wife or kids if I have either one. Companionship, Men weren't made to be alone but Paul made this comment from the Bible to encourage Men to keep your focus on God because the unfairness of life cycle can damage yourself . whatever issues you deal with when you come to God that's what the Holy Spirit has to purify you from it regardless if its Drugs, Sex, Masturbation, Hustling, Gambling, Drinking, Cursing, Bitterness, or Lying the Holy Spirit had to keep Paul connected to the spirit so his soul wouldn't be contaminated, The Enemy hates a true Holy marriage that's why Society is filling up young boys thoughts to be wise with dating. It is a price to live single and it isn't easy especially if you are a Man who is a virgin and knows the deep things of God it's a powerful price to keep your fight of Faith Paul knew about the future temptations as an Apostle.

  5. Many men have turned away from women in the form of relationships and only use women for sexual release when needed and keep it moving. These women are going to soon realize they need men more than the other way around and it's going to be too late for them smh

  6. The bible suggests that you have a counter part a help mate to walk this world with but because there are players out there and always have been now no marriage sad that men feel this way if you love someone nothing can happen to you if you don't then you have problems but doesn't anyone still believe in talking it out anymore or ok next one meet the right woman and see your life double you give her a house she will make you a home buy food she will cook for you treat her like a queen and even kings will be jealous treat her bad and we have this conversation