Charles Dowell | – Joe Biden Is The Most Hated President Ever In America! EVER!

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  1. They'll remove him but his orders will stand. All his presidential orders undoing what the previous pres did will stand and america will forget…as they always do. Well be Soo happy with our 1st unelected female president, or things so bad they have to bring back the Obama

  2. Pastor, I agree with everything you mostly cite. Not this one. Biden, is better than any other President you or I could plausibly put in office right now, in this time. You could insert any potential President that your mind can plausibly choose. They would be in the same exact quagmire as Biden. I actually ran the Inaugural Parade for President Trump. Where we are as a country has the sins of many Fathers, i.e Presidents. Dogma, and deep Division will fissure our future permanently.Not the nation we want to leave to the children in your background video, nor my children.

  3. A non important dying off very vocal minority of white Nationalist, see them waiving Trump flag,s out here in California in their pick up trucks, only to get beat down at election time. False approval rating quoted. His approval rating is at an all time low of 44%, still more than 10 points higher than that Orange Ball Sack Trump's low approval rating.