Charles Dowell | – Men Will Not Build And Women Your In Trouble

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Comment (45)

  1. Katrina brought out the worst in many people Pastor Dowell BUT sorry in The Dome it was not all rape and robbery,,, the Bush administration put that out to deflect people from the fact that Government failed the people…! Trucks full of water were held back by the military so as to create a crisis where the Black Americans would riot and rape but they never did…! there were 'some' bad incidents but it was no anarchy in the Dome as CNN said… You should back track on that Pastor… James in UK

  2. When Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahama Islands, the destruction was enough to make a man go mad. The thing I noticed the most about Bahamian men, is their character in the face of calamity, versus the character of their American counterparts, who, during Hurricane Katrina, faced also with calamity, turned into pure freaking animals. The Bahamian man turned to God, and searched his own heart, wept, and sought Almighty for deliverance. The American will do no such thing given a hundred years from the year 2008, for he is a wretch and defeated foe by the enemy.

    Feel no sorrow whatsoever for these people here in North America. Black or white, male or female. They are all to busy playing the blame game. They deserve the painful transition that is coming.

  3. No men today work with there hands I did 43 plus years last couple working not as much calluses going down no trades carpentry brick masons these are old world takes strong men now they want do little as possible and play video games. A man will do what it takes to take care of his family

  4. I'd rather let the world burn it's self to the ground just to watch all those who used, abused and ridiculed me my whole life burn with it.
    If the world wants to act like a bunch of wicked demons then they can go to hell.
    I will no longer be a workhorse and shed anymore of my blood, sweat or tears for the benefit of an ungrateful world that looks down on me for trying to be a good man and views me as the enemy.

  5. I didn't even realize 2008 was a recession. I guess there are some benefits to being poor and working minimum wage. The more you have to loose, the more likely you are to realize a recession. Think, if another great depression happened, the homeless wouldn't be affected much… Cause they're already living like it's a great depression… They might be affected as in not as many give them money, stuff like that. But they have no house, no job to loose and their situations already desperate. They wouldn't loose much. But the doctor, nurse, lawyer, banker… They'd notice.

  6. John STEWART mills started feminism by taking men biological providing ability for supporting women individually an transferred that power to the government where the government is the husband. But the government didn't take women biological roles an use it. Now that men are becoming aware how the plumbing system works. We men will not provide if that means collapsing this country to small government. At the end the government will be forced by default to listen to men an adher to them. How can you rebuild a nation when men refuse to provide good luck, no tax money, no jail, no police office, no military as it goes broke, federalemployees pension default, closing public universities, public school, boycotting military will not defend the at the expense of becoming disposable to only support women in a society that dosnt value men anymore, drying all social safty nets, no judge/lawyer politicians (all get paid by taxes) it all comming down and good luck sentencing somone theres no one to goto!…AAAAALLL OF IT. It's going to come down. An if you thought 2008 was bad you ant seen nothing yet, 60 yrs of "man"ipulation (feminism/sexual liberation) has ended. It will get worst before it will return to normal an I suspect at the end going forward any man that survives after the collapse that's starts liberalism/feminism god have mercy on your soul that is all I can say. WOMEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE I SAY THIS NOT WITH ANGER OR MALICE, BUT GENUINELY/AUTHENTICALLY, WE NOW KNOW HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS AN WHAT YOU DID TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. AND WAS BY CHANGING LAWS TO TRANSFER MENS WEALTH VIA TAXES TO GIVE TO WOMEN THAT PAYS FOR ALL THE BRAINWASHING AN MANIPULATION IN MEDIAN AN LAWS AN EDUCATION. PEACE BE WITH YOU.

  7. The Health of America 2019
    1 in 28 has autism
    1 in 20 are depressed
    1 in 10 has a liver disease
    40% are diabetic

    54% of children have a chronic illness
    74% have a chronic digestive disorder
    1 in 5 have an auto immune disorder
    1 in 2 will get cancer
    1 in 1 will get dementia

    The Autistic Tsunami means many children will be on social security before even entering the work market, when they no longer are under their parents insurance.

    The rest will be left up to your imagination.

  8. Bingo, what's the point of building at this point. Women will go into men's spaces where things are already built. I direct you to the nearest conditions of your black community. BLakc women who have a good job and income will just go to the white communities to live shop and play.

  9. My hubby has so many calluses…..but he is still looking for land…….I DON'T KNOW!!! I JUST DON'T KNOW! He has renovated his own home. And he knows how to do a lot …..I THINK the problem is that alpha males like my husband…..he is tired from the secular world…..but you not wrong.

  10. I hear you…Noah didn't wait for his ship to come in, he had to build it himself. I'm new to this channel, but i have come to many of the same conclusions you have. I hope there is still time, cause I see this world is dying.

  11. This is why a solution is women learning how to build and aquire land. There are many building workshops in Central America. Aircrete and bamboo homes. Even yurts and stable tents. I've been looking into this and I live in Central America. Ive been traveling and I know its time to act. I will gather the women who are ready to learn this and take action

  12. It's 6 months later and the economic collapse you talked about is happening due to COVID-19 fears. Although I don't think this is the Big One, it is a wakeup call for a lot of people. Also, because of what you know about men not being willing to build, would it be wrong if single women took it upon ourselves to buy land build so that we're okay? We shouldn't have to wait for men who may never show up.

  13. A lot of women in my generation are building our empire because, sadly, our parents have babied these males and gave the girl many more responsibilities growing up. While we are out in the real world, these boys expect everything to be catered to them, and the world doesn't work like that. The lack of responsibilities that these guys have nowadays is depressing.