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Comment (45)

  1. If a women stands by her husband supports him, encourages him, have his children and give up her job or career he owes her nothing ? I listen to you and never hear you say anything positive about women. I guess God made a mistake when he made female.

  2. Isn't it strange whenever you google gold digger and expect some Alaskan scenery there is no mountains, no valleys, no moose but only stupid cows prowling around expensive cars paid for by hardworking men?
    Where have all the flowers gone?

  3. My ex filed for divorce 14 years ago and she received custody of our son. I was the one who took him to/from school and dr appts, everything. I tried, but failed at getting custody changed to me. I got him into a private HS and paid 100% of his tuition on top of court ordered child support. My son has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. In our decree, it said I would pay her child support until he turned 18 or graduated from HS, whichever occurred later. She didn't take him to school his sophomore year, nor made sure he completed his work. He failed a year of school as result. I am convinced she did that to prolong my child support obligation to her. He turned 18 this past March, and I dutifully sent the April child support payment to the state. Surprisingly to me, the state refunded the April payment back to me. The state closed my obligation. He's completing his Junior year now and I am keeping him in the same private school. He has one more year of HS and I gladly pay the tuition because it is the right place for him and the school cares very much about him. My ex got remarried this past February. That new guy has no idea what he's signed up for. I hope to have my son living with me one day or setup in a place of his own. I will take care of whatever he needs. I make good money and none of it goes to any women! I wish family courts would change and realize that women are behaving horribly.

  4. You’re right it’s too risky…They don’t care…They get their big white wedding (it’s only for her)…She gets to choreograph it with her mother and friend cronies..and the man goes along with it..To ‘Make her happy’. Once she’s then unhappy she divorce rapes him to the hill and kicks him out the house he probably paid for….She May not do this if you bend over and give her everything she wants with little in return. Doesn’t matter about what the man wants/what is best for both…a man is seen as the one who providers her the life she wants

  5. Marriage is even more risk for a middle-income guy, if you make $1 million a year and lose half to her you can still live. If you make $50,000 a year and lose half to child support and alimony you're now homeless. You can end up in prison if lose your job and can't pay child support.

  6. Good video and all very true. So sad that the modern generation of women have destroyed families and values and replaced them with their selfish greedy entitled way of life. Women…take a good look at yourself….

  7. Sodom Gomorrah Babylon Spiritual and Physical it will all burn !,..Repent and believe YAH is Salvation JESUS YAH'SHUA! …MGTOW is not of The Bible so of Who is MGTOW than ???… [like feminism,.. MGTOW is of The Adversary]…… so don't do it & don't preach it,..rather be alone & married to YAH only.

  8. Men dont control monetary policy, the fed does that. dont control what they eat, the FDA and supermarket does that, they dont control what they see, the news and TV does that.

    I'm not bashing mgtow, but come on bruh.. men have absolutely no control over their lives. On top of that, they think women are going to want to submit to them, when they have no individual power. The shit is all given to government. Got the majority of men looking like women.

    On top of this, there is no real purpose a man can give a woman, as they aren't even aware of their own purpose. Chasing money isn't going to make men happy, and neither is running away from the problem.

  9. Im in a custody battle for my newborn daughter right now, with my ex who had no control over her children, and im terrified man, i dont know what ill do if i dont win, i work 6 days a week at a physically hard labor job, and i no if i lose shes going to make my life a living hell, and everyday i ask myself do i kill myself or do i spend 2 decades of my young adult life living the nightmare shes going to unleash upon me if i lose.

  10. In these MGTOW video comments I always see over-generalizations of women. The truth is there are good women and bad women, just as there are for men. I don't know what's the proportions are for both sexes. It's irrelevant as a man can only marry one woman at a time, and he might get a good one or bad one. Therefore it's not the women in general being bad that's the worst of it, though they on average have gotten much worse with the advent of man-hating feminism. The best reason to go MGTOW are the laws that advantage women. Therefore bad women CAN at any point use the awesome power of the government and police to absolutely destroy a man's life instantly, making him at least an indentured servant to her and her kids and stealing at least half of what he has built.
    I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, mistakes that have cost me a lot of money. Thank God I have not made the one mistake from which there is no going back from. Getting married.

  11. PastorDowell is absolutely on point in his assessment of MGTOW. I'm living proof of that man. The good news is I've never been married and have never been burnt outside of the typical break up. And let me frank it ain't never gonna happen because I have no intentions on marrying any of these women. They're all nothing but whores and that's how I see them and as long as my fellow brothers see them as such you'll treat them accordingly and won't fall victim to that self induced hypnotic mind fuck called "falling in love" which is nothing more than infatuation which will wear off once you see who that person really is. Be smart never allow any woman into your business, promise them the world and deliver nothing. When she finally realizes she isn't going to get anything out of you she'll leave and it won't cost you a damn dime. NEXT!

  12. How many men get married. … only to find themselves in the middle of divorce proceedings. ..and think…." I had it made… I was single.. free… and now look at me …a statistic …. and I volunteered for this!"

  13. America is the Whore of Babylon- corrupt to the core and God's judgment is going to fall on the people of this nation for all the immorality and cruelties to men and children. This happened to Israel 2,500 years ago. Jeremiah warned the people that because of their immorality, how these vile people killed the innocent babes and stole from each other he would judge them. The leaders of Israel worshiped Baal in secret and sacrificed countless babies to that evil demon. America's leaders do the exact same thing in secret places today! The same destruction that fell upon the leaders of Israel will fall upon the leaders of this nation as well! God wiped that nation off the map- Guess what It's gonna happen to the United States also- many people are seeing visions of destruction coming to this godless evil nation. I saw one pastor who said he had visions of the Russians bombing the cities and troops marching into DC dragging congress members out into the streets and out of the Supreme Court- the ones who pass these wicked laws- and killing them in the streets like dogs. This happened in ancient Israel. The corrupt King Zedekiah had to watch his sons killed in front of his eyes before Nebuchadnezzar's men put his eyes out. Be WARNED AMERICA- those who abuse your power for gain and kill innocent children and wicked Jezebel women- you will be burned alive in nuclear fire! Just like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were roasted alive for their sins! BEWARE ye government people who scheme to steal from hard working men- God has plans for your destruction soon! You will be dragged out into the streets and shot in the head and others will be ripped apart and devoured by angry and hungry crowds when an EMP hits the nation and people are destitute. The police will engage hordes of angry hungry people and will all die. The population in the cities will dwindle down to ZERO! They will die from starvation and disease. The elites who hide in bunkers will die in the bunkers! They will be buried alive! God will send earthquakes that will mash these wicked godless people to death in a grave of stone! BEWARE GOD is not MOCKED- you have reaped what you have sown AMERICA BABYLON and your destruction is coming- it is only a matter of time- God's time. Judgment is now set and there is no turning back. REPENT while you still have time.

  14. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be with a woman but now that the systems are corrupted and satanic. So its best just to walk away these worthless feminist shit heads did this and now its just not worth it anymore. MGTOW 4 life and the worst part is the lady is now cheated out of a man that's what feminism did. We need to fix this otherwise more men and women will be miserable and die alone in pain.

  15. They say there’s no NAWALT out there. Unless I’m completely fooled, the one exception I know of is my sister. She’s married to a good man, and they have raised 3 very well-behaved children. As in, there’s no life for her outside the family. I’m proud of her