Charles Dowell | – Pastor DOWELL Live January 4th 2021

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  1. How's life treating you Pastor Dowell. I'm a new to your content and I have to say that your direct thorough demeanor is what got my attention to listen to content. After see the confidence and passion you have for the information you speak about has my ear. Now I'm not a religious Bible thumper. But I do know and believe 100% in GOD and know that he is REAL. HOPEFULLY in time with retaining the knowledge that you teach my belief and heart will strengthen in the righteous direction. Quick question and way off topic but was that a "GroIsch"? Just asking Pastor with no intentions to judge. One fact that I have found about you is that you could care less about what someone thinks of you. Something I definitely respect because Im in that same mindset

  2. Pastor have you understood that Jesus "Christ" is King? And that he is of the Jews, and it was the Jews who were his own people that he came too, and dwelled among them? And he was called King when he was put to death. And I understand who he is, and have seen the works he did on behalf of all his people. And I even heard him give his famous sermon on the mountain, and know what the sermon was called. And we all who are of his people heard him, as well as the gentiles. And we all witnessed his death and the place where he was laid to rest in a tomb in a place that was preserved for him to be laid where no other man had ever been laid before and placed a stone covering at the face of his tomb. "If you understand the place he is buried at, you will know that he is the Lord Christ King who was in the world with us his own people. His tomb sits above the water, because he is the water of life. And surely from where you are, you have even visited his tomb where he is laid to rest. I seen how it was said at his burial, how God sent him to the world to call the sinners to repentance, and to deliver his people from slavery. But before this he had already appeared to me, and directed me to visit the place of his tomb. And at the proper time he sent me, even though I had no money to get there. And he had told me to take of the water that surrounds his tomb. And I had never been to the place before, but it was water surrounding his tomb, and I took of the water as he instructed me to do. I heard you keep calling him the King, but you have yet to understand who he is. But when you except the truth of it, then will your life be complete in the whole truth about your Lord and saviour who is Christ King. Peace my brother to all of you, in the time in which we are now living in.

  3. 6 years Diane Castillo White and State Farms insurance company refused to pay me for her preventing neck and back pain trolley accident my secretary got $2,500 but I can't get paid discrimination tell my story call investigate please please please please

  4. HalleluYAH! thank you for all the love thank you for all the wisdom and thank you for the bravery finding Yah has given! I'm searching for straightway florida I would love my family and I to be baptised by the real followers of yah.

  5. I’m interested in knowing more about living on a homestead and will gladly contribute! I’m not perfect but I bring no drama and have no problem making the necessary sacrifices to make a grand exodus from the beast!

  6. Concerned about people’s health? What a joke. What about those aids laced vaccines they injected in thousands of our babies back in the 70’s! That got swept under the rug.

    What about the ER nurse who got the COVID vaccine and a week later got COVID. Mainstream media isn’t covering that but if they do they brush over it quickly then sweep the information under the rug!

  7. But pastor land in the us is never yours because you never stop paying taxes ?they can just take everything away from you . I'm a bit worry my self with everything that's going on and I'm planning to buy a second property in a remote place just icase what do you guys think about Pennsylvania ?

  8. Hi how you doing hopefully aswell as I am as we woke up this morning. Blessed to know there are mentor's such as you to teach what is not understood. Thank you and your staff from Eric ya brother.