Charles Dowell | – Pastor Dowell Live Protest In D.C. January 6th 2021

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  1. Salome Pastor Dowell, with all do respect I wanted to bring something to your attention. They brand that that you are wearing is satanic. I'll tell you how, the logo is really 2 Cs =33 in numerology witch is hidden for the free masonry elites. They own all the top brands. I hope I'm not over stepping I just thought you would want to know this.

  2. You say to tell you you're wrong when you're wrong. I agree with 99% of what you say, but when you say America is a constitutional republic, i say its a federal corporation & they're running game on the people. Government literally means mind control. To govern- to control. Ment- the mind. These politicians & their order followers claim to have a higher claim on your life & property than you do. Pastor Dowell keep telling these people man. Im a Christian, but wont attend any of the churches cause most preachers arent speaking truth to the people, & i believe most preachers are just running a business, so preachers are performing an act, giving people a feel good "Sun"day. I admire what you do.

  3. Pastor Dowel my buddies and I went to DC. A few days later I get a friendly visit from the FBI. They were very professional, and polite. They just wanted to know what our true intentions were for being there. We just said it was to defend our vote, and our president Donald J Trump! God bless you always brother.

  4. I remember when Trump stood with the Bible and they called it a photo op and the next day the Democrats got down on one knee. I honestly did not see a photo op in either one. My heart sank and it was like a fear shot through my heart. I said to myself this is not going to be good. It’s like a war for the very soul of our country. They keep dividing us up into colors and groups and we keep letting them. We are not colors we are all an American citizen. It’s sad what’s going on in our country. I really think technology will be our destruction. I grew up in a world before technology and today we can’t run a business without technology. It destroys people’s lives all the time.