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Please start today if you have not already, and if you have get more serious!
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Please watch: “Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned”


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  1. My family were here back in the depression,they lived out on a farm and had plenty and my mother was a little girl back then and she told me how people were coming down the dirt rosd,snd they strop the fruit trees clean of fruit

  2. In  St Luois Mo. one of two major chain grocery stores has closed leaving one major local retailer. I tell the union people that i run into in these stores that the hand writing is on the wall. The entire local meatcutters and clerks unions is now being held up by this company because 90% of the members are employed at this company. Just one year ago or so this company kicked out the union warehouse  members and truck drivers for a deal with an independent  warehouse management co. When the next contract comes up, that will be the end of that union. This company is going to do whatever they want and what they will di, is kick out the members with signs on the door saying that they are hiring, but most of the workers will stay for less pay and benefits.

  3. Pastor Dowell, this is not on black people agenda period, and this is so sad. We keep  many cases of bottled water and food. When i mention to people i know about stocking up on water, they smile as if i am the fool, but like you say, you can see what is happening right now. I have been saying for over 15 years that the voice being installed on the storm emergency system is put there for Martial Law. I even give then a simple example and that is, i ask them do they recall how loud a storm is, "and they say yes", so i ask them do they think they could hear this voice giving instructions, "they say No". I tell them that will be used to give out instructions on what to do when the power and communications is deliberatly shut down. They just don't get it pastor, but i tell them not to call me for water because they  will be in a state of harming me and my family for our water when this time comes, and it is around the corner like you said,, a few years. The emergency communication system is in place and ready. Presidential order REX84 Ronald Reagan and Colonel Oliver North.

  4. If any man will come after me, let him deny himself? And take up his cross and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it, and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find It! For what is a man profited? If he shall gain the whole World? And lose his Own Soul?

  5. 90% will die from being stupid and lazy and that's what they deserve this earth needs to be cleansed from the scum that dwells on us. If I can join the elites and help the cleansing process I will..we the people of this earth brought this upon us. And it must happen to reset things!!

  6. Pasture stop trying to convince these idiots that won't listen and don't care.. let them parish that's what's wrong with this world to mush trash has consumed the resources without replacing it. Some good will suffer along with the bad and evil but I am willing to do so ..

  7. I have just begun to realize that my expectations were too high for everyone in my family, in-laws, church members, etc…I have also noticed that stuff is getting smaller, but costing the same or more. Case in point; my wife bought bread at Walmart, stored some in the freezer and when she bought more bread, we found that the older bread was actually 1inch wider than the new bread but still cost the same. It was almost too small to get out of the toaster without a skewer. The change was so slight that I almost didn't notice. Keep up the Fire! MANCHU!

  8. People need to start canning. But most of all feed people who did not prepare, when the time comes. Jesus said feed my people.jesus can multiply and feed you during the rough times if you have a personal RELATIONALSHIP with him. People needs to start reading the Holy Bible,repent,pray,listen.

  9. Pastor Powell. I posted your story on Facebook in hopes world wide people will get ready or will you be standing at Noah door knocking….. I just retired a few years ago and I told the people to vote they laughed at me. All of them are/ was getting selection 8 those who been riding a life time getting link. Now I wonder if they remember it was told and they didn't listen. Keep telling the people and I am listening to. Thank you Lydia Johnson from Chicago

  10. A real good indicator is go look at the Oil Rig count at the beginning of the year. If we have around 800 to 1000 rigs up and running markets will do good for that year. If you see that Rig count drop to 500 rigs look out. you will have about three to six months and it never fails.

  11. Facts are what you speak! Another great video that informs and educate. But the said reality is it is falling on a lot of deaf ears because to many in our society shy away from what's truth.

  12. Good morning to the children of The Most High God,it's time to get your houses in order,it's time to read your bible and know what's going on,the prices on meet's is unreal,and the prices of gas is out real,well the reason why every-thing is so high is cause our country owe's much money,now they system want
    many to depend on them for many many thing's but now now the system owes so much money to every country it's unreal,now one day those food truck's are going to stop running and many many well do with out food,cause they want to come to your house when shit hit's the fan,I had many tell me the same
    thing,I told them they better get their shit together and save up for their own food.I'm not going to let these fool's to come into my house and take what The Most High God told me to do,that's not going to happen,yes I'm a prepper and I'm going to do ,those food truck's are going to stop running it's going to happen don't be fooled thinking that every-thing is going to be all right cause it isn't ,and that paper money that most of you depend up on it's not going to be no more.I'm trying to tell my family this but they just laugh at me,but that's ok cause I'm going to make it when every body else is falling,that's all I have
    to say