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  1. You have your new video locked so I'll do it here. My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father I know it will be hard at times and you will miss him but the most high eloheim be with you always and keep you in his strength and his peace. Stay strong my brother in christ. Don't know you but love you all the same. I'll be praying for you.

  2. 1) The media did not “call” the election for Biden. Even state has an election board that reports their initial results to the media and each campaign.

    2) Trump, Obama & every elected president since 1963 has the authority & funding of the United States to use the title: President-Elect. The ‘Presidential Transition Act,’ passed by Congress in 1963, directed the General Services Administration to provide office space and support for the president-elect and vice president-elect shortly after the election. The use of the term ‘Office of the President-Elect’ isn’t unusual.

    3) Proof:

    4) I pray going forward that YOU a leader of men, do your research and not lead your people down the dark path that you speak of; because that path is paved in ignorance and deceit by men who count on you and anyone else to follow them blindly and NEVER research for yourself.

  3. Constitution amendment 12, Democrats are still screwed. They thought that we didn't matter. Yes somebody's hands did get caught in the cookie jar name Dallas Jones that works for Joe biden's team was arrested this past weekend now yesterday two other people were arrested to

  4. On this day in 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones led hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. This incredibly tragic occurrence introduced the term “…drink the Kool-Aid” into modern parlance, since poison-laced punch was the vehicle behind most of the deaths. This serves as a stark warning and reminder to those in the prepping/survivalist community who would join with like-minded friends under the leadership of a charismatic leader. Always know who you are following!

  5. We are indeed living in the end times. Many people who have a spiritual mindset realize & sense that something big is coming very soon. Pray for God's mercy, avoid sin, live the most honorable life you can. Trump will win this election I believe and the left will go full nuts. Expect massive civil unrest. Meanwhile the economy is collapsing around us. This virus makes the perfect excuse to allow the house of cards to fall. The debt ratio has been unsustainable for some time now. Get out of major cities if you can. It's about to get ugly as more businesses close, food and other resources dwindle and unemployment runs out.

  6. I am consistently SHOCKED at black people supporting a known racist on either side. What has T rump done for YOU? Neither he or Biden have done a darn thing for me or my family despite the opportunity. In fact Biden has backed policies to harm my family and Trump (and Jared) have discrimination cases not to mention rape allegations RIGHT NOW. Why are we wasting energy?

  7. i respect your opinion , but knowing that both parties are worthless i see it from a different angle and that angle is that it will be more safer leaving biden the in coming pres , safer , to reverse the decision will destroy both parties . the ppl will not stand for it and all their belief in the system will be destroyed . we heard the proud boys and militia groups talked high and mighty abt what they would do n if trump did not win and the results was they aint did nothing and let us go back to the george floyd era all those ppl who took to the streets was not trump supporters and they did create havoc and will again on a grander scale and will never accept 4 more years of failed leadership . trump has been tied up in courts for decades so he is not doing anything different and to abandon his post and be consumed with only trying to disect the voting process is TREASON , and is anybody looking at what his objective even is cause he is not concerned abt getting aid to small buisnesses nor the un-employment rates nor the covid deaths so what his his hidden agenda besides getting paid from mar-lago via heads of state they know that all that has to be cut off . i said since the begining its gona come down to them taxes ther is no escaping that .so the country will continue to be held hostage and by his own admittance of hating to loose and his behavior since is quite distasteful assumptions will create a stir but proove nothing and biden will be standing ther come jan 20th .

  8. Please permit me to have a little bit of fun. Do our vote matters? Oh yes they do! However, it is not in the way people think. My argument with the electric pastor would be one of semantics, folks.

    If you listened, then you would notice he said it himself. The majority of the people in a state dictate which parties do you like to go to the college. In other words, your vote does matter and it matters in another way, What am I giving my stamp of approval to? That’s right. Do you want one party his old phone or the other. So, your vote does matter.

    Otherwise Dowell got the right of what the situation is. Put your trust in Jesus and no one else. For that is what I’m doing. I would give the Hebrew closing of Yeshua but I am not sure of the right spelling and I don’t want to create a problem.

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  10. “Pastor Dowell”… you are either mistaken because of your ignorance of the fact or you are lying and purposely misleading people…! As you have been spouting off this rhetoric about this election you’ve stated several things that are just WRONG!

    For one you claimed that President Elect Joe Biden was just “making up” the Office of the President Elect… and that there’s no such thing!
    That sir is a lie. In fact the President that you are “trumpeting” for set-up and utilized the very same office once he became the President Elect in 2016… and I have several Getty images that prove this point. I tried to upload the images but I wasn’t able to… but you can go look up the information for yourself since you are so interested and informed.

    Stop with the disinformation and lies! And admit that you are wrong on some of the things that you are talking about!