Charles Dowell | – Since When Did We Start Negotiations With Terrorists?

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  1. People can believe whatever they want as long as people were going to turn their back on God which a lot of this pastors people have. This is what they are deserving of. you think because some of y'all are half awake that you fully are awake. as you speak your patriotism and you're conformed of the ways of the world the father isn't of you. So why are most of you people even talking? Sound like most of y'all led a stray from the truth. The end is coming. I remember this salvation isn't granted to the wicked. That's everyone out here that's in a life of sin. You're supposed to deny yourself fight the temptation die to self crucify the flesh. Sounds like people are trying to hold on to this world. Well I gave you the good news it's about over.

  2. The men have been replaced with Obama's transtestical unicorns! All this has been planned and implemented for decades upon decades! Obama was groomed for his satanic position as a child! Connect the dots and the truth will set you free! Be prepared for the return of the keeper of the Real House!!

  3. The Polsi just said the voter rights act and infrastructure laws will be passed! Ca laws will be pushed on the rest of the country! Ca politicians are running the show in DC! Hopefully the country collapses and states go their own way! The Marxist Socialist government is consolidating power as fast as they can! They know States will resist especially at the local level! The Conservatives and other ideologies should leave the military to go home to their state and prepare for the break up! Told family go enjoy the Hawaii trip because it will probably be the last before conflict! Don’t even talk about what they are attempting to do to people that refuse the jab! China is salivating know they will be able to take over areas of this country! The Marxist Socialist controlled states will invite China in at the expense of their own citizens!

  4. All of this is a mess, it started long before the last two administrations. As a veteran I do believe this could have been handled differently. The soldiers that were trained tuck tailed hauled ass at the thought of our troops leaving. This whole thing is a slap in the face to all those who has gave blood, sweat , tears & life.. This is much bigger than the Biden administration. Love your continued truth Pastor Dowell, Joe Biden is just one of the puppets.

  5. So when Trump and Pompeo meet and dealt with the Taliban about their plans to depart Afghanistan. Withdrawal agreements signed in February of 2020. What was that? A photo op? Not saying this clown is correct. But give credit where it's due and to those who deserve it. Mistakes were made from the beginning. Ie. Bush era and continued through the present.

  6. LOOK FOLKS ALL OF IT IS PLANNED it's a theatre all of it the $$$$ men and such are gonna change the world and YOU gona take a Zap in the arm and that's that. IF you don't you better RUN and keep running Don't care what's next cause NEXT is always gonna be worse and nothing we can do except put up with it FIND a place you can GO and get ready to GO

  7. So the Bush administration has nothing to do with America in Afghanistan? And last I checked Bush is a Republican.

    This guy y'all call pastor is not a "Holy" man because he keeps capin' for America….

  8. Biden was outsmarted by them Taliban, lots of them disguised as civilians got onboard those flights headed to the U.S. just like he ushered Mexicans in, he has flown in several thousand Taliban in. Yes the writing on the wall is very clear.

  9. When you illegally invade countries and the reason is because the US got their ass kicked by the Taliban the us is only at the airport because they are allowing it. And after 20 years you cant win? Ha yankee go home. The us has no choice now that's what happens when you lose. You are supporting a govt that oppresses and kills minorities in the f the us govt. And I refuse to support these bs wars of agression and I refuse to support those that go and fight for corporate interests.

  10. Taliban is not terrorist’s. They are the new leaders of Afghanistan. And the american news is painting this picture that they are killing and raping and pillaging. Have u seen any of that????
    Your scared of this because American media is telling you to be scared about it..