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  1. Keep telling it like it is, we all need these checks you giving. I will keep listening in from tome to time as you are worth listening to. God bless you brother, truth will always stand. Minute Man

  2. I feel America's military should return to home soil. And they should be treated NICE. America is full of enemies to the country.
    The Pastor is right– with the border wide open the nation is in a danger truly grave.

  3. The decision he Biden made was intentional. They are bringing in Israel the wild man who's face is against everyman THUS SAITH THE FATHER THE MOST HIGH. HE HATES JACOB, ESAU KNOWS THIS SO THEY GIVING ISMAEL FREE REIGN HERE. DON'T BE DECEIVED FAMILY.

  4. 20 years and the US military can't get rid of some cavemen, how pathetic. They were only there for the opium and the minerals not to get rid of the Taliban because they funded and supported them. Just another example that the US military is completely worthless and have never fought for freedom or Americans.

  5. Thank you! No one is talking about this. There are over 200,000 people (That they know of) coming across the southern border every month. If anyone thinks that our enemies are not flooding into this country, they are not paying attention. We will very soon have a coordinated attack inside the US, make no mistake. The Taliban has already said they are coming for America, right after they took over Afghanistan. All of our enemies have been emboldened by our doing nothing to help our allies or even Americans. .

  6. People are afraid fortheir lives, right here in America, as they should be. Get the only protection available, JESUS CHRIST. How ya gonna stop dozens of taliban out side your door already armed to the hilt. Let me tell you a fact. About 30 yrs ago during my parents travels around this once great land,(they have passed on now) they would never get a hotel/motel that was operated by Arabs. They witnessed several of them unloading firearms into an empty room at night, my parents went to the authorities over that and reported what they had seen, to no avail. They had informed us, their family what they saw, with a ⚠️, one day these people will be walking down our cities and towns taking over our country. My parents were very wise and saw what was coming to this country. I am armed. But… I do stay under the wings of the Almighty. 10,000 my fall at my side. Pray and believe Psalm 91. May God be with us all!