Charles Dowell | – The Dems Finally Go South But NOT To The Boarder!

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Comment (40)

  1. You know the first time i listen to this man he made some sense,since then it,s been all nonesense i,m not a libral or republican but anyone who praises trump is a lunatic,the democrats have their faults but at least they care about the poor and needy unlike the fake evangelicals and republicans who only favor the wealthy,God word says that those that help the poor lendeth unto him,stop being a fraud dowell stop being one sided.

  2. Pastor has it bad for Kamala ,yet praised Trump and all of his BS, the hypocrisy calling this sister a lying spirit but raising a vain POS like Trump, c'mon bruh you can't have it both ways, just say ALL of these political parties are jokes

  3. This country is being invaded right before it’s citizens eyes. Let be honest the people trying to cross this border aren’t people that will contribute to this country’s success they’ll be a detriment and turn this country into the same condition as what they where trying to run from in the first place.

  4. I saw the interview and they ask her would you go to the border. She got all defensive and acted like she didn't understand the question. First she said she hasn't been to the boarder then she switched it up, you could tell she was lying.

  5. Yes exactly Pastor. I debated with some brothers over this and told them what would happen if Biden/Harris were able to take this election. Everything I said except 1 has come true already. I'm hating it…I have a 38 gallon tank on my truck…@$3.16 per gallon you can do the math on my fill-ups.

  6. 4 Millions or Billions? Either way Africans Americans can’t even get reparations In or own country that we pay taxes and die in wars to protect! We’re going up for sale to the highest bidders! This country is going to crumble just like Rome!

  7. Speak. A f ing joke. Did you see that. The Military has one job seek destroy f sheet up. Its in the training. You got to have the balls. Wtf emma two mom boy we in trouble the world laughing thier ass off at America. You see Dr. Fachi in the pockets of China. Did you here about the emails.