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  1. So agree.  I just started my own series about feminism on my channel and would love to either download and/or link to this one in my next video on the topic.

    I was never on board w/ the feminism movement, even though it was cloaked as something all women 'should' be allied with. It didn't sit well with me decades back, and it sure doesn't now. I see a lot of relationships where the women 'wears the pants' and the man just learned to avoid conflict, hence they don't stand up for their own needs. This is such a mistake, as then these women will just push more. I for sure recommend to all those decent guys looking, be a man of honor and integrity, and you'll attract a women to mirror that.

  2. It's truly sad and unfortunate it has to come to this but as with many things there is a cycle. There will eventually be a return to a patriarchal society and I can honestly say I'm jelous I may not be there to witness it. May the Lord bless you all.

  3. Sidenote – Why do these thots keep coming on mgtow videos and try to provoke and shame men?
    Any woman who is happy in marriage and in healthy relationship has no business being on this side of youtube.
    Yall are fishy.
    Go enjoy life why do they keep invading our space of free speech?
    I swear they hate to be exposed for manipulative liars they are. It irks them. Or they are attracted to last group with balls on the planet and cannot help it but to comment here.

  4. You remind me of my dad. who cares about the useful idiots?
    Lead by example, I even have my son watch you to show that I AM NOT the only man who thinks this way. There is a new thing happening.
    The mgtow dark knights, just heard about it.
    Ditching the men who can't get women anyways and going further into self improvement, having standards but still rejecting society.
    It is working.

  5. Lls…..ALL OF YALL SUCK….. This exactly why men and women can't have real talk sessions……it's fucked up on both sides… men didn't volunteer to be taking out the home and black women didn't volunteer to lead…..but over time look what it has done…..WE ALL FUCKED UP n became victims to the game but we the reason we stuck there

  6. Holding up an umbrella when your house is flooded means your perspective and priority are backwards, upside down. Feminism derives its power from white men already in power who are well aware women will only have the power over men who are not in power. It's not the cause its the effect. Redirect your efforts or keep pissing in the wind.

  7. Pastor this is a great video can you do a video of what you think about the situation with NFL Kansas City Chiefs player Tyreek hill they are afraid to cut this kid they don’t know what to do about this situation because of the talent he has what do you think sir Remind you his kid is not in his or The mothers custody…And plus I remember when you came here for Brother Chris funeral you had let us all know you ran into him at the airport with Elder Rufus

  8. I am a woman, and I know I didn’t come across this video by accident. God had me praying against the feminine spirit for a while now. Explaining to me how the spirit of inquiry is controlling many. And That it's even-feminizing our boys/men.
    “Weakness” in the Hebrew word is translated into a feminine noun.
    This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.” Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it.”
    ‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭5:6-8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  9. Talking is oppressing and racist now. So, no need to dialogue anymore. The sooner the collapse will arrive, the faster these social leaches will fade away. As a prepared Monk, I hope to still be alive during the collapse.

  10. Regardless of what you think about the guy in the office right now, he represents a patriarchal energy. I think that's another reason people despise him, where again regardless what you think, Obama represented a more female energy. Not in any way to say he was gay, just a matriarchal vibration. With men wanting to be back in full control, I believe this is why you'll most likely see Trump win in. 2020. I think there's been this feeling of give an inch you take a mile, and that's why the rise of Red Pill or MGTOW. Just my opinion.

  11. goes all the way back to the garden of eden ,,,,Eve was a whore ,,,she commited adultery on her husband Adam ,,,,1st timothy 2;14 tells us that ….gen 5;3 cain isnt in Adams generations,,,,cause he belonged to the serpent ,,,,neandrathal ,,,,,,the serpent beguiled eve ,,,,,,,,,defiled her ,,,in old hebrew ,,,,,cain went to the land of nod and married another neandrathal ,,,,serpents as God calls them … calls them neadrathals ,,,same creature ,,,just under man ,,,but close enough to mix the seed ,,,,,,

  12. Why not discuss positivity??? Growing your communuty.. you have a base and a following….provide or suggest solutions……"one step" you have a responsibility…..and yes I agree with most of your discussion but you are a powerful and intelligent man. We need leadership and UNITY. Stay woke. Protect our youth.

  13. As a black man America, I'm disappointed in your self-centered small world view. If ANYone is oppressed then we ALL can (and some definitely are) be oppressed. The situations you detailed regarding women's salary inequalities (and yes there are female bricklayers, contractors, roofers, "builders" etc.) is a false narrative. The inequalities repeatedly being touted, are predicated on the pay scales of women doing the exact SAME jobs, holding the exact same positions within the EXACT same corporations – yet being compensated less for their work. That'd be like you working as an IBM accountant; same hours, same benefits, same supervisor – yet you make less than the white IBM accountant seated next to you hired the same day in the exact same role. The old rationale for pay disparity was based on the "man is the bread winner" and as such requires more money because he's feeding a family – is outdated by over 3 decades, as many households are lead by single moms winning bread for their families alone. As far as women on the frontlines in military action, yes sir, they're there too. Like everyone else, they go where they are ORDERED to go. They no more get to pick and choose their assignments than any other active duty enlisted individual does! If their billet sends them to the front, that's where they go. Haven't you seen female enlisted present at the APO/USO programs? There're women who've lost limbs in combat the same as men. That wasn't from peeling potatoes in the kitchen, sir.

    Businesses closing are far more to do with the economy! Trump's tariffs, that stupid millionaire tax break, corporate welfare, than feminism. To equate that with the rise of a female focused consensus is like saying Black Lives Matter rallies justifies our brothers being killed by the police, or flagrant nuisance crime reports. This just comes off as men whining about losing unfair advantages, akin to middle aged white men complaining about being victimized by losing theirs; and frankly comes off as sour grapes wrought with immaturity and small mindedness.

    These discussions are about BALANCING the scales of injustice, so we ALL benefit from the equality of our individual merits; not hindered by socio-political biases, or fears. I'm not debating, just sharing my thoughts on the issues, in the hopes of a healthy discord. God bless. Peace.