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Comment (44)

  1. America is never coming back. The power at hand are purposely being incompetent. I had a dream that there was a fire as far as the eye can see. Judgements are coming smh America is in the hands of the enemy. Repentance and humility are your best options. Giving all praise to The Most High. Till Kingdom comes.

  2. To be honest: I believe leadership is the problem in America, leaders divide and wars are always fought because of them, which is why I let it go America : American never set out to successfully build because they did it with slavery, you don’t see the government trusting the Hawaiians after they were illegally invaded, they want their land black! That’s Normal : we need to go away and build our own!!!!

  3. Why are you men waiting for other men to lead you. They always talk about the 1% so that means there’s 99% of you men who could take them down. It’s all you men no matter what race, your allowing everything to happen. You all sat there and wanted Trump to be your savior but it’s all of you men who should come together. You wouldn’t have to prep if you took them down and ran this country right

  4. The City of Portland started by paying agents provocator to paint graffiti and light fires.
    They burn good people out of their homes so dont lay blame on the People.

    Pastor we are the real true leaders, we only lend authority.

    The only reason followers were over there in the first place was to protect poppy fields and build a pipeline for a Privately owned oil company.

    Be a true leader not a complainer.

    It's in the only real true Constitution of 1776, anything else is Counterfeited by Counterfeiters/Spies.

    Common Law is based on God's Law and there's only 10, not over one and a half Million Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations, Ordinances and Citations that are Color of law and legal ease/International law.
    U.S.C. Title 18 sec 241&242
    Deprivation of Rights Under Color Of Law
    Punishment up to life in prison or death.

  5. Both were Trash. As a Combat Vet that spent 3 yrs working from Incirlik AB providing Support. Trump caused treason with Jan 6. Ain’t no more Leadership. It’s All Trash like food and transportation lines. This a Trusting God season cuz God issuing Judgement with Natural Disaster. The Rep ain’t no better than Dem now cuz of how they did what they did. I don’t side with none. I Trust God and Believe in His Son Jesus Christ that Live, died, Rose on the 3rd day with Power in his hand. I am on my 24 acre Ranch living Self Sustainable on my Retirement and Residual Income at the age of 38. God lead and Guided me.

  6. I no longer understand pastor Dowell. Initially he spoke against America/Babylon. Now makes political comments on the political theater as if the daily moves of America are not calculated. I thought 1 Samuel chapter 8, and Amos 3:6 covered all this. You can't serve two masters folks.

  7. The One World Order/International Cabal/Babylonian/Beast System have been in control of the corporation call the united states of America and every so call countries on Earth from their conception.

    The Earth was given into the hands of the wicked. There's nothing new under the sun, what was is.


  8. Deterring people from conflict is short sighted. It will come down to them persecuting Christians. We are the only resistance. This is a spiritual war. It will come down to defending our beliefs. I am a warrior for christ, ready, for whatever that means. If you know the bible you know a war is coming. Be ready. God bless.

  9. I asked my neighbor who is a strong Biden supporter the same question? What has that man done right?
    She said he has made progress in the Covid vaccine program! She was
    2nd in line for her shots!
    I trust in Jesus Christ not some vaccine. Even after all of Bidens blunders she remains faithful to him.

  10. Pastor dowell I am a veteran and ive always appreciated your message but you have drank the Trump/republican psyop koolaid.

    You didnt make any videos when Trump exercised bad leadership by killing that iranian general. Iran launched rockets at a US base in iraq and killed servicemembers. The White house covered it up.

    You right about the biden administration with the whole Pandemic nonsense.