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  1. And further Pastor just to bother you some more. I saved my heathen neighbor yesterday. A foster kid now 40 yr old man. He said and spoke something to me that I never heard him say before. Now me, a man anointed as a teen, read the whole bible multiple times, did I say who are who to preach to me? No I understand that when he said what he said, that was God talking. Maybe not all the time but right then. Do you have that type of discernment, to know when it's God speaking through a child and or a filthy sinner. I hope so Pastor because I don't doubt that God is speaking to you everyday. I fear you tell his messenger to shut up. God resist the proud though bro. Rev. 2 shows how God will use Pastors and churches to do great works and miracles but still send those churches to hell if they don't get right. Scary.

  2. You all could make money (assuming you wanted to make it a business venture) and show people how to butcher animals and grow food and all kinds of simple stuff like that. The people are starving for that kind of info right now.

  3. Something that came to mind watching this video and you know this. A lesson I have learned doing my professional career. Some people are not capable to do frontline tasks and if those people Understand the important support roles that need capable people to execute other task very well and where they will be doing your best work for the Team. Just like you all worked together in Kentucky on the building project. Just an opinion