Charles Dowell | – Truckers Going On Strike November 26th 2020

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  1. Dummy who doesn’t know what a strike is. “We’re going on strike for three days boss”.
    Boss man: “ Gimme my keys, get your shit out of my truck”
    Dummy: “can I get a bus ticket?”
    Boss: “ you can buy your own ticket or walk, you’re fired”

  2. Hearing that also. Like for three to four days like you mentioned.. 50,000 + truckers and growing. But not sure what percentage of the overall fleet that represents. But sure it will cause some disruptions with all that travel after holiday. Bet it will be hard to squeeze into entrance of truck stop for gas with lots of trucks parked. If their is gas delivered being that it has something to do with Joe Biden's remarks on fracking. Staying prepared like you said.

  3. Did u guys hear of the mandatory vax for blacks, find on “Natural News” yeah so u can’t eat, no Foodstamps or any of government assistance if no vaccine! Also serving at all churches and etc… guess they gonna take by force! I ain’t with nothing but Yah! Stay bless all

  4. I’m confused, on the one hand, heard trucker strike will be from 11/24-11/27. In another hand, a trucker said on another vid that they make too much money this time of year to strike. Don’t know what to believe at this point.

  5. Pastor dowell ,you do know very soon the new world order will seize all your properties and put you on a ubi and forcefully vaccinate you with the mark of the beast?URGENT! Elected Member of Canadian Gov't Says Lockdown & Isolation Camps Planned for "Refusers" – YouTube

    Our own military will be forcefully vaccinating everyone or concentration camps for we who refuse..

  6. Maybe I should start selling T shirts that say “ KEEP ON TRUCKING “ like from the seventies!!! This is terrible news!!! Stock up everyone!!! God bless everyone have faith the lord will see us through!!! Yahuah Hamaschiac!!! Jesus Christ of Nazareth hallelujah!!!

  7. Especially us 64 C now 88 M. Everybody got they handout. Most people don't know and take advantage meaning brokers and such. If the truck stop Ah Merica stops. Try to get it to the front door by train. But should it happen might be a good thing.

    Sign OO

  8. "The truckers" are not going on strike, Most of the industry shuts down during the Thanks Giving holiday. I have worked in this industry for 25 years, this is just what happens. Nothing to see here. I am speaking for the Ltl side of trucking, less than truck load. The truck load side just keeps running.

  9. Pastor Dale I’ve been following you for years I’ve been a trucker for 27 verifiable years I have over 3,000,000 miles out here in there verified no Truckers story I have a very strong resume and they are talking about striking now it’s not good