Charles Dowell | – WAKE UP We Are In A Resession Layoffs, GM, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Store Closures

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Comment (46)

  1. People like Bill Hicks and George Carlin were talking about this subject over 20 years ago and people thought they were just being funny. Just like The Pastor says, "Entertainment" . Yes this is just like ancient Rome… Bread and circus, games in the Coliseum, rot from within. Keep the masses occupied and distracted. Modern America. Sports, food, beer, junk food, big screen TVs, cell phones, video games, etc. I fear for the Republic.

  2. It's the future everyone is buying online, it's cheap and convenient.
    Technology will eventually take our jobs.
    The problem is who will buy the goods without jobs.
    They have farm tractors that can drive themselves and do the work of a hundred men in a day.

  3. This is what has to happen. Wall, Racism, and Bigotry no longer compare to Hungry, Water, and Brotherhood. We all will have to be knock on our faces to learn this lesson. I truly believe, its long over due. Most of us remember the story of Noah's Ark..

  4. Not really a recession, these companies are just losing money because of the awful way they treat their customers, simple as that. I don't know a single person that likes Wells Fargo. Starbucks, it's a different case, but they keep defending idiots that come into their store and pulling the race card after they cause a ruckus and have to be kicked out. Simple as that. Please stop trying to scare people.

  5. They offered folks 65 and older buyouts in August. They are scheduled to be gone by March 2018. Now what are they going to do with the rest of us I don't know. They are lowering salaries and if you want your job you will work for 20,000 less. Luckily I do not have debt. Paid for my car cash. No credit cards. Just mortgage, light, gas, phone, food, personals. I disagree with you. Whether you live in the city, small town or small state there is NO hiding place. You will be affected no matter where you are. I feel sorry for women and children.

  6. I still have a couple of boxes of military style mre's/Meals Ready to Eat in storage at home & keep at least a couple of cases of bottled watet. I need to get MORE!! Thanks for the great & informative video.

  7. Yep America is a capitalist society it's all about money. Can't you hear the Spirit say the Root of all evil is money! It's going to get crazier people are going to Do all sorts of evil to get money. Lots of evil done to prevent people from getting money. Trump cutting Snap benefits section 8 too. Pay Wages are decreasing employers cutting hours. Wal-Mart & other stores have self check out registers. Esau making billions the backs of part time & low wage workers! Evil for Money. We can't keep serving these greedy masters who also put the souls of its workers at risk. Biometric hand print to clock in for work! It's so sad.

  8. YOU ARE IN A DEPRESSION… not a recession.

    America has been DE-INDUSTRIALIZED, MIS-EDUCATED, ILL-INFORMED and now the end results are in your faces.

    There is not anything you can do at this point, you are seeing the FALLOUT… It is not going to get better only worst.