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Comment (46)

  1. No one is truly good, but if you're in Christ you can seek to do what's right to the best of your ability. We have to strive for what's right precisely because we are fallible. Would I seek goodness if I was perfect? Of course not! I seek it because I'm under grace.

  2. And no disrespect to you Pastor, but it's got me to even question the Bible…who's to say it's real or not? The rabbit hole goes sooooo deep.
    Much respect to you, but now, I believe nothing and question everything

  3. Shalom and blessings from Brasil Pastor and my brothers! Yesterday i vê ask for prayers for my mother in critical condition in the hospital after hitting her head. Yahuah blessed partially for now, as the drugs where taken away and she s stable, but her reflexes needs to start responding, i still count on your help in spiritual warfare. Shalom!

  4. Getting rid of my devils and to stop being hippocratic has been a life long struggle for me as well as me ignoring the truth within me of what I know to be wrong for me. Denying that tiny whispering voice inside me has only added to more conflict, anger and confusion within myself and making life harder for me. What the Pastor is saying is extremely true and it helps me to hear it. I need to wake up to this video every morning to start my Day. I'm a grown man who has raised his family but I still look up to this Man like a child would a Father.
    Thank you Pastor Dowell. Shalom.

  5. I am a high school graduate but I have a degree in COMMON SENSE . When I was growing up Russia was our greatest threat and I always heard the saying "Russia wasn't worried about America because we would destroy within." I'm 70 years old and it's happening. May God have mercy on us all.

  6. On the one hand, I can feel what the Pastor is saying, especially about integrity. But juxtaposed with him just a few short months ago, caping for T-rump, who you couldn't have a better example of lack of integrity than him.

  7. Your community speaks for itself. Love seeing all kind of men working together with shared purpose in an exceedingly professional manner. Tight Pastor. I enjoyed the “silent” video of the men folk getting after that block building a week or so ago. I found it exceptionally inspiring. Not one damn Mickey Mouse stuff going on. Super squared away. That greater community is an example to us all!!! I think it’s a model worthy of emulation. Respect to your whole flock. Ooh-Rah!

  8. Bitcoin is real money. I have silver and gold. How am I supposed to send super chats with silver and gold. Haha federal reserve notes are just ious. The problem with owning land is you dont really own it. You still have to pay property taxes on it. And the guns can raise the taxes as high as they want til they take it because you cant pay the taxes.

  9. Demononic spirit cannot live in a body that has the Holy Spirit in it. Darkness cannot exist even with a little bit of light. Jesus in you means no demon in you. You can sin if you are a believer but you cannot be possessed. Straight way is just a little off. I love most of Straightway but Straightways beliefs on this doctrine are a big problem . Can you explain Straightways beliefs on spirits and casting out demons.