Charles Dowell | – What Is Happening In America Is Painfully Familiar

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  1. Well even a pastor knows! … "sometimes you have to chase the wolves from the sheep!" … racists have continued their madness! If you /we want to be mad like they are! All we have to do is tolerate them! … grief, anger, hopelessness, pity etc., will surely drive you insane! ….

  2. All it takes is these racists the police force has employed! … all the events that led to demonstrations were supposed to be hidden by law enforcement but, people with cellphones captured what they could not believe! … now racists are buying guns/ammo as they have been doing since MLK days of protests! … now they have been driving through and shooting in our neighborhoods! Trying to put the blame on us but, if it were us we would be shooting white people! So, the logic makes no sense! ….

  3. You've lost faith in America's spirit? I find the seldom few that truly understand the history of the Central Banks worldwide & how they infiltrated America finally…THESE same people keep telling me that "Oh boy, you just sit back and watch, Trump has got em all right in a corner now…" blah blah blah. If people can see the connection between our politicians and the bankers, but fail to realize that Trump NEVER ONCE MENTIONED dismantling the Federal Reserve, the one thing that all these people agree has wrought inequality and injustice to this country since 1913, then I leave this all in God's hands and concede any personal efforts to influence anyone.

  4. all anyone needs to read is albert pikes 3 world wars letter to mazzini, on google, in 5 minutes… that simple.. no more guessing… no more confusing narratives…
    then study how parasites take over organisms….

  5. If America self-destructs, and whoever wrest control of whatever is left of government and country, what gives? Who wins? China? Russia? The only self-defense America would have to protect itself from being finished-off by China or Russia or both would be her nuclear weapons and a few aircraft pilots and submarines patrolled by submariners to launch them at her enemies, provided they could get in position to hit their targets. Before that happens, we would've lost untold wealth and there probably wouldn't be a functioning government for a while, not without the remaining population agreeing what form of government; it wouldn't happen quickly anyway. When, not if, civil war breaks out, it will be literal hell being unleashed in this country. The body count will be innumerable. It won't matter who wins the presidency, there will be a short period of rioting and killing before the military get it under control.

    What the pastor spiritually failed to understand is that God is in control of world affairs. The pastor can arm himself to the Tee; however, if it is God's will that America be punished for her grave sins, I'm willing to suffer her consequences. We are quick to kill each other than to workout out practical human compassionate solutions; there's too much built up racial tension and hate. And for the most part, it is caused by racist white people. This country's citizens are more godless than we want to admit. True, due to our failed governmental leadership, where the most immoral, corrupt to the core person who has been commander in chief of our Armed Forces for the past three years and eight months, we are no better than a third world country. Our government's executive branch is in over its heads, our legislative branch is pathetically dysfunctional because most of the small populated rural states have the entire country hostage from racists. Yes! it is spiritual to pray imprecatory prayers; David did it in the Psalms. America deserves to fall because of her grave sins past and present. I, too, am a 26-year military retiree. I, too, have weapons only to protect my property. I while away the day thinking the government is going to take away my rights. The pastor is still a black man at the end of the day, and at anytime this same white government could easily snuff out his life with impunity!

  6. Mark 7:6-8…whats up with the guns…oh u want guns because they have them…does god/or the children of god need guns to have anything done…you being right or wrong is neither here nor there…im just asking…some say christ turned the other cheek…some say he didnt…which is it…smh

  7. Lots of entanglements…lots of stereotyping and vilifying of white people. Lotsa folks stayin inbounds, just want to work and feed their families and plan for a future. Some bad folks spoiling for a fight. Democrats openly call for violence and the media supports them. God bless us all.

  8. America has interfered in other governments to undermine the people’s choice for years, perhaps we are experiencing the karmatic effects of past actions. Let’s hod fast to God until his kingdom comes. Thank you Pastor for always educating us.