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Comment (39)

  1. Talk about privacy. I just went to a car dealership to have my car tuneup. I spent about 2 hours there and they called me and told me my car was ready. I paid for it and while inside my car I reviewed my invoice. It had a line item on it that said data retention service $2.99. WTH so I go back in the shop and ask them what is this cost for. They said they charged me for holding my data in their computers. First I never ask for this and second it is my data not yours Un freaking believable.

  2. The Most High has heard the onslaught of accusation against us railed by The Adversary & Co. We're just gonna have to take our medicine. The Devil and gang are right. We are evil to the core.
    Let God be God.
    we are not His people called by His Name. We have not called upon Him, we have not repented, we have not turned from our wicked ways. He has not heard our voice nor healed our land.
    We will live from here on out according to Amos 5:19, because we have played with God, and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of The Living God.

  3. the programmed , the weak, the sick, the hungry , those who want, will fall, the fighters, the killers, the crazies,the strong will fight till the death. The smart, the humble,the meek,the prepared, the wise. will be the ones who will teach the next batch..maybe then it will change..

  4. Pastor Dowell, What do you expect when there is lawlessness in the law and their children of crime is good for their business. The bill of rights is illegal but smoking weed is legal.

  5. Politics is all theatrics they control both sides they want right and left fighting each other. Television is a mind control box the best thing you can do for yourself and family is toss that thing out of your homes.

  6. United States has become a prison country resources depleted it's a general population prisons yard with different religions and rituals and cultures who don't get along it's simple the colonizers are going to colonize Africa it's called AFRICOM and they are preparing Antarctica for future sustainability….