Charles Dowell | – Why you cannot think right its the FOOD!

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  1. I fasted 40 days for lent…thinking I was getting to a higher level in Jesus. Whether I achieved that, is left to be seen. But I find I seek and know peace at a different level even more than my fellow parishioners at my big ol’ church. Many folks at church were floored I was fasting THAT long. I was floored that they WEREN’T. Jesus was tempted 40 days by the devil, and on that alone I am glad to fast to honor Jesus. Even if I’m a baby in my faith walk I noticed one thing especially…my aches and pains stopped, I had very much more clarity of thought. Even to the point that, since going back to eating regular grocery store food, I am feeling itchy and sick and tired again. And craving alcohol and sugar. I wish I could find farmers markets like in California or someplace like straitway where I live. I’d literally buy food from straitway supermarket if they had one…

  2. Senate Bill S 510 was not voted into law – it failed to pass in the House. It was "superseded" by H R 2751 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, already passed into law in 2009. The text of S510 was added into H.R 2751 with approval of both House and Senate with the provision that the addendum did not interfere with the original regulations of HR 2751. The addition of regulation S510 was added to an already passing existing HR 2751. Looks like bills continue to be morphed and slipped into other bills building the bureaucratic labyrinth developing right before our eyes.

  3. Thanks for speaking on this. I have been posting info on this on my FB page for the past 2 years and policing my kids diets for estrogen for the past 5 years. The flip side of this coin is that the flooding of our diets with estrogen is causing women to hit puberty prematurely. As a result, they are becoming sexually active earlier. This activity, in turn, serves as a pretext for planned parent and the LGBT community to team up and come into our kids classrooms modifying the sex ed curriculum in K-12. I am battling with this right now….and it is scary what they are trying to do to our kids.

  4. We just moved onto our own land and were only able to grow a trial garden totally organic. Amazing! The tomatoes were juicy and meaty. The cantelopes were sweet. The taste was very different. I only have 1/2 an acre but aside from the space taken up by the single wide( which was given to us free, praise YAH) it will all be food. We're putting in a chicken coup in spring. My life has been blessing after blessing since I started truly learning from your videos.

  5. Psalm 71 KJV.You need to dedicate your faculties to the real God and serve him and follow him.Satan is the prince of the power of the air.Sending mind control,demons,and witchraft through the airwaves.REPENT.Put on the full armor of God,Ephesians 6 KJV.Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself,your mind,will,emotions,spirit,and souls,and that of your children.Plead the blood of Jesus over your electronics.Why you can`t think staright,is coming out of your electronics.Not to mention the radiation is frying people`s brain cells.


  7. You're knowledge on GMOs and vaccines is severely lacking. If you really think "vaccines make people retarded" then you should stick to the bible and leave the science to the scientists and critical thinkers.

  8. We have been programmed we even have drugs in town city water . The drug business is big time even forced drug business that is during great harm to the brains health is being harmed by pharma and the health system that more wanting to controlling population and making the big bucks. And there are a few good thingsabout our system just love of money and people sometimes do what they can because they can in power.

  9. Im 62-year-old and eat very little, i bicycle 2 and from work and can work circles around ALL of my coworkers who range from early 20s to middle 40s, they constantly ask me how i do it,, they R all over weight and on meds, when i take my DOT physical doc can't belive im not on ANY meds, i tell him i get my prescriptions at de liquor store,, no im not kidding,, good shot of whiskey occasionally never seems 2 hurt !!

  10. My elderly NIEGHBOR now passed on installed a greenhouse tiny about 6×10 only to have State officials have him take it down for not having an agricultural licence. Zoning even though we own our homes forbids veggie gardens owning any livestock including chickens even if caged or penned.

  11. Yes, without a doubt we really don't know what's in the food we eat. Yet there are no strict guidelines about what ingredients are put. No wonder we are very sick in this country. The ailing health care system and drug or pharmaceutical companies are hiking up prices on prescription medications for people who can't afford them, health insurances don't hardly want to cover the costs, including hospital stays and treatments for illnesses, copays.

  12. I have recently learned all of this we are eating food LIKE products! It looks like food, smells like food and tastes like food but it's all chemical by product created in a lab and manufactured by ALL of the major food companies! I ate a farm raised no hormone egg and almost shed tears because I realized how long it's been since I had a real one!

  13. With the government SHUTDOWN and the food stamp crisis when the shutdown was halted some of these same people crying shame on the govt. went out buying food. and liquor for the supperbowl.THEY DON'T GET THE SERIOUSNESS OF WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON THEY FEEL THE GRAVY TRAIN WILL CONTINUE TO ROLL ON DOWN THE TRACK!

  14. Build relationships with people that can help you grow. Listen to people that can restore your mind body and soul. Don't listen to people that cause spiritual and emotional abuse. They are not worthy of your time. They will suffer on the day of judgment.