Charles Dowell | – Will America Burn After Election 2020

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  1. Yea there is a house next to by apartment building and he selling. This guy sneak diss and complained about how loud my car is in the morning because im a black man with a muscle car. Meanhwile all the white men in the same neighborhood have F150s that are louder than my car. Guy is so annoying I try not to give eye contact on my way to and from work. But looks like he cant afford his home, because its for sale.

  2. Pastor Dowell if people don't get there money it's not going to be good. Social Security was created almost a 100 years ago the money was taken by the government. No stimulus is rubbing salt in the wounds of people and all the small business and laid off workers.

  3. If your "good" white patriotic Christian folk don't get Trump in then yes there will be episodes of unrest. Guess whom they've historically attacked when the conservative white supremacists don't get their way. Be ready black people….if attacked, give them the pain and no quarter.

  4. Our father who are in creation, What happened in Rome when it fell, History that was another sick soceity. TRUMP is the first president who has tried to stop what is coming to America, stop killing Babies draging them out of the womb, stop killig black people based on race, stop the rape and robbery, TRUMP is saying Law and Order, I am all for it. I am all for godliness, and Blacks stop calling racist Police to kill their neighbours. Set up support groups amongs the Black communnities, would that be better. Better still stop voting because black people have no sese, who vote for the creator of the problem they find themselves in 2020 Biden helped to create the Racist fascist state usa is in today. You created your own mess and misery, black people who could have left Racist america, and stayed because Dr king told them to stay in the problem, you have a problem find a way out of it. I was shocked and amased that some Blacks left and went to Russia, and those who left is doing better than the ones who stayed in the USA, trying to fight the KKK.

  5. I always believed a “Christian” was someone who believes Jesus Christ. There are lots of Christians slaughtered all over the world for Believing in Jesus, was this not a prophecy Jesus said would happen?? If these Christians are not true believers cuz they call themselves “Christians” I’m confused.

  6. No america is not going to burn. AMERICA is a beautiful continent of North Central and South America. But the United socialist states is in trouble. Don't put the rest of the planet in on this 1. Remember who they bow down to.
    Lol the USSA!

  7. If Trump doesn't get in we're in trouble that's one thing that people don't understand that vote for Joe Biden if he gets it we're going to become a socialist Nation people really need to think hard and who they're going to vote for people really need to look up with Joe Biden believe then and understand what socialism is

  8. So you think trump with all his LIES CAN BE COUNTED FOR? SATAN IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF LIES. AND ALL THAT AGREE. LIARS, Crooks, THIEVES, Whoremongers, Murderous! Repentance! YAHWEH ADONAY IS LORD GOD! Almighty GOD!

  9. Pastor the SS has now intervene and the plan has been to reprogram all politicians. The SS has now sent the order to burn America slow through politics. Marshall Law will take place by the end of 2023. So yes those that don't know how use guns better learn

  10. Muhammad was a Jihadist.
    The media and the leftist politicians are the reason America is so divided. They're motto is "A lie told often enough becomes truth.", "Ends justify the means." and "Divide and conquer." There is no golden rule or moral compass within the Socialist Left and their Elite criminal cohorts…
    Pastor take a listen to Howie Carr's recent interview of Attorney Lin Wood Jr.. You'll smile. Thank you for your service.