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  1. Pastor Dowell is not only a man of God but I believe he's the modern version of the Apostle Paul. Apostle Dowell isn't only a builder of buildings and homes but probably the best masculine builder of masculinity and masculine men in all of Israel. Yah bless you Man of God hopefully one day Sir I can shake your hand and say to you face to face thank you for all that you do. Shalom and Shalom

  2. Pastor I’m standing in a Menards location in Central Ohio and there’s piles of lumber everywhere you look. Usually there would be builders and contractors all around this area. Nobody is back here now.

  3. You do alot of good youre right about alot. I believe a bit off from you all. Id be booted eventually if I joined you but I have great respect for most of what you do and I think alot of you will be in heaven.The Lord is my portion or I will have nothing. Id be happy to leave to be with him but Ill stay here if thats what the Lord wants. I pray for you all. I do love you for your desire to do Yas will. I think you are wrong on a couple major points.You have a great heart for Ya.