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Comment (42)

  1. If they can't beat you join them was old philosophy. Now if they can beat you lie your butt off until you figure out how to beat someone someway with laws, adverts, propaganda, time on news or media, etc.

  2. Mandate/Regulated/Custody

    DeShaney v. Winnebago County
    The SCOTUS has ruled.

    DeShaney v. Winnebago County
    but from the limitations which it has imposed on his freedom to act on his own behalf, through imprisonment, institutionalization, or other similar restraint of personal liberty. No such duty existed here, for the harms petitioner suffered occurred not while the State was holding him in its custody,

    Fully Vaccinated Can Spread Coronavirus, Says CDC

  3. Golden Video. You have made my Life better. Based on Testimony of people of Straitway and my observations of you through YT I believe you are definitely a Intelligent Righteous man of God. I Pray for your well-being because I have experience in Leadership and you are the type of Leader I would go through Hell with. It’s obvious I am not only one either based on the People you have attracted. Conviction has been coming up a lot in different arenas lately.

  4. God's plan is God's plan and these people and political power they are put there by God and sometimes it don't make sense to me but it is God's plan and only God knows all of his plan my Sunday school teacher told me this sometimes we as people don't understand God's plan however God knows his plan I'm sure when Moses and his people were lost they were questioning God's plan

  5. Thank you Pastor Dowel…I have noticed this type of behavior of people( grown men) that want to get angry when you try to talk some sense to them..( world events..history..and especially politics) I had a "friend" that jumped up and down like a two year old and threw a temper tantrum when I confronted him about a particular politician (biden/harris)….he literally acted like he had become Possessed!!! I don't bother him anymore…its safer for him…and I don't need the trouble….PRESS ON!!!

  6. Pastor Dowel,

    Can you please make a video regarding the shot? Is it the Mark? Are we damned if we take it? I’m in a hard place with my job. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to take the shot. I really don’t.

  7. its crazy how both sides can be crazy from time to time senators let say this how do they get paid can you explan that thats a good one mitch someone like him hes like a billion air most senators make good cash but when they do not wanna pass laws to fix things why dont they wanna pass stuff is it beacuse they do not like joe nice politcal makes no difference cool

  8. Look up the CNN report called Freemasons in Congress right here on YouTube. We have Luciferians and all sorts of occultists running things and they all belong to some sort of secret society. It's all Freemasonic right down to the fraternities and sororities and the "degrees" you can earn at university. We live in a Freemasonic Kabbalistic matrix.

  9. This is coming from a “Pastor” who supported Trump throughout his presidency and often condemns the actions and policies of Democrats. Dowell had a clear political bias the entire time I’ve known of his channel. Now, all of a sudden Dowell believe political affiliations doesn’t matter?

    Oh Trump is out office that’s why it doesn’t matter. Bet, if he finds a way back in, Dowell will jump right back on the Trump train.

  10. Let me first say I don't care anything about politics. I'm focused on God and God only Sir. I have to disagree with you because my TRUTH is from God and God only. Please change the way you put that out there or explain what you mean when you say no one has TRUTH. I listened to what you said about no one having TRUTH. You don't know my WALK or RELATIONSHIP with GOD. Sir I'm not being disrespectful when I say you don't know my TRUTH. God knows my TRUTH because he gave it to me. I have to say that my TRUTH is unimaginable for MOST that are in these HUMAN bodies. I know my EXPERIENCES from God are not the norm. Just TRUST when I say my TRUTH comes DIRECTLY from GOD not MAN Sir. I do AGREE with a lot that you have put out here. I've been watching you for YEARS and I don't AGREE with everything you say but I know that God is NEVER in the mist of CONFUSION. Sir this is one thing I have to DISAGREE with you on and that is my TRUTH from God and God only. Again I do understand that my TRUTH is not the norm for the HUMANS in this LIFE and on this EARTH. God Bless you Sir