Charles Lawson | – Strong Holds and Places For the Devil (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Sunday (Morning) Preaching: Mar 19 2017

Faced With Bad Dreams? Dirty Thoughts? Even Ill-Timed Day-to-Day Distractions Satan’s Onslaught Against Our Faith Is Relentless and Sometimes Incredibly Sneaky. Counter His Offences With Renouncing Such Things and Cleaving Unto the [support us] /> Scripture: Ephesians 4:27 & II Corinthians 10:3-6

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zion4131 zion4131. Accepting the Free Gift of Salvation: The Bible says Jesus is the only way to heaven. "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me" (John 14:6 KJV) You cannot earn your way to heaven by doing "good works" "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV) Salvation comes by believing and confessing in the Lord Jesus: "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. " (Romans 10:9-10 KJV) "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed" (Romans 10:9-11 KJV)

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  1. Praise God!! I thank God that He gave His Son and His Word. It is a fact that we are going to need Him. God is able and willing to remove any strong holds and attacks that's coming from the enemy.! Keep trusting in God. He will set u free and strong!!

  2. When satan realizes you start looking to flea from him and cast him out, he calls reinforcement and will take hold in other areas, until you are overcome. God will turn you over to your desires when you know truth and turn away, while putting those desires above God and committing idolatry. If even you, are not certain what your desires are, then listen to that which proceeds from your mouth and see the fruits your hands harvest and map out the path your feet take daily, all of these will reveal the truths of your heart.

  3. Don't wait until it gets "easier" to turn from your sin or cast satan out of your life, because it WILL NOT get easier, satan will be certain of that and even remove your hope so you'll not find it. You must walk away from sin and turn towards God, allow God to cast out your demons and it WILL come together in a way you can't conceive.


  5. What A Powerful Example of what God can do with a man who is Sold Out for Jesus Christ. Use him to deliver The Messages of Righteousness to Warn and Encourage People , Come to Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

  6. I had a sexual dream this morning.. I felt very bad. Im a backslider that has come back to God. But, after this incident, i doubted my salvation. HOWEVER, i remember that when I accepted Jesus years ago, THE SAME THING HAPPENED i had a sexual dream and when i awoke i thought to myself that i was rotton..ENTER the fact that i, just happened to click on this video, and this Man of God is preaching on this….makes me believe that the ugly nasty devil is trying his best to make me feel like i am not worthy of God's forgiveness. I will continue my walk with God and this time I will put on my armor of God on a daily basis.

  7. I didn't believe in hell. I was a fool!!! I had just been saved for about 3 months. This was back in 2017. I came to Jesus even while not believing in hell. The topic of hell didn't even cross my mind. I learned about Jerusalem and the JEWS, and all sorts of things. I prayed for them. Lord help me to share this. What ever you do…don't plead the blood of Jesus over the Jews. I prayed a prayer of blessing over the Jews and I must have almost died in my sleep, from an apnea episode, or something. I might have stopped breathing. Even to this day, I'm not sure what happened. I know that I used to have apnea like issues some years back, where breathing stops. But…..I was swept up out of my sleep into pure hell. The fire is a blackened fire. It was allover me. I could see it. At this point, it wasn't touching me, but I could feel the heat coming from below me. They were dragging me, fighting to take me down. It felt like I was sinking into my body through it, almost like I was going to pass through my body out of it. I know what I'm saying sounds CRAAAZIE, cray cray crazy!!!! But, regardless, I'm telling you. It was the most disgusting feeling to feel these hands grabbing on me, allover me. IT WAS LIKE SAND HANDS! Like they were covered in a grit of some sort. I couldn't move. I couldn't scream. I could see my baby girl in the bed next to me. The whole room was darkened a thick blackness. The fire was a blackened hell black fire. When it started, I could (at first) barely feel it, but as they held onto me and was pulling me from my body, I was sinking and I COULD FEEL IT!!! As soon as I really swallowed the reality of what was happening to me, the trouble I was in. I said 'Jesus'. The first cry…nothing happened. I cried out his name again, but this time, I didn't just say his name, I cried out his name, in all humility, desperation and sorrow, a helpless sorrow, a type of sorrow of sadness that comes from COMPLETE powerlessness. I was so confused and terrified. All I could do was think of my prayer that I had prayed before falling asleep. How it felt so wrong, so deadly wrong. It was an automatic knowing that I did something REALLLLLY WRONG! I just couldn't move. I realized I wasn't sinking down any further, after calling on the Lord JESUS the second time. The going in with their pulling seemed to be on a sort of pause. They were still holding me. I couldn't lift my head to look at them, I couldn't move. I cried again JESUS LORD HELP ME!!! I cried with my whole soul to Jesus. Immediately after that one….I WAS completely released. I regained control over my body. I WAS DRAINED!!! I felt the fear of GOD in my soul, down to the bone. All I COULD do was cry and breath and just BREATH and cry to Jesus, after this. I will tell you this too, that after this…I just wobbled like a leaf (with no strength) to the shower. I just had to get in the water, the cool water. I had to just, just accept what just happened. I remember just staring at the water running all around me in logic shock and at the same time, complete knowing of what happened. I promise you….after this…..when I read them Holy Scriptures, I take it MORE SERIOUSLY than ever. I know the TRUTH about hell. I have tried and tried to understand why, or how, or what happened, but I will tell you this….there is no way in hell that hell doesn't exist!!!! I wish people only knew. Then later, the Holy Spirit taught me something. Our souls are electric. It is the life force that animates these fleshly bodies. The life is in the blood. Your soul travels around your body in your blood. It is in every blood vessel, every neuron, every nerve, you name it. Your blood is copper based. YOur blood acts like copper wiring, to the house that is your body. What happens when electricity escapes the wiring that holds it? It immediately GROUNDS, goes to GROUND. Your soul is electric. When it escapes your body, it IMMEDIATELY goes to GROUND. What the world doesn't want you to know, is that your soul is bound to go STRAIGHT to hell, the realm beneath this realm, when you die, if you die without being IN JESUS!!! Ask an electrician where electricity goes, when it escapes the wires! It GROUNDS!!! Without the Lord Jesus intervening on your behalf, your soul is bound for HELL at the speed of light!!!! Bust a move on them knees NOW, and feeeeeeear the Lord! Come to the Lord and repent. Please! This is NOT a joke!!!! Your soul is not a joke. Where you go is NOT a joke!!!! And yes, I had just gave my life to the Lord Jesus a few months before this happened. I'm NOT gonna lie. I was still smoking cigs, I was still willingly living in sin and defiling my own body in this way. I knew better and I was still doing it. YOU GIVE room for the devil when you consent to defile your body temple. When you lawfully consent to defile yourself, you are at the same time consenting to be defiled. I left room for the devil. What ever you are doing, STOP!!! Don't be masturbating, porn, alcohol, smoking, cursing, you name it. It is considered reasonable sacred service to the Lord to render yourselves over to him as holy, clean and faithful. Jesus ain't playing games. He isn't coming back for a filthy whore. He is coming for a washed clean, spotless, virgin Bride, holy and ready. If you are luke warm like smoking etc, you are NOT ready. You will NOT be saved. Why do you think Jesus says that many go off into the road, the broad and spacious road into destruction and only FEW are finding the cramped and narrow path that leads off into everlasting life. Why do you think he says that many will cry out to him 'Lord, Lord' have we… know the whole scripture. He tells them to get away from him, workers of lawlessness. Please sit and really seriously think and pray. Surrender to Jesus. When he comes back, he won't be coming here to be the lamb. He will return as a mighty King, King of kings, and to all who are found holding onto vices, sins of this world, these ones are not open handed and surrendered to him. If you aren't found surrendered over to HIS authority, you will be cut down. Just tellin' it like it is. In addition, it was later on that the Holy Spirit taught me what I did wrong. I over stepped my lawful bounds and proclaimed the blood of Jesus upon a people that are currently under the authority of another lord, Lucifer. I'm not talking about the Israelites of Yahwah, I'm talking about the Jews who pretend to be God's Holy people. I over stepped my bounds. I peeved off the adversary's lap dogs, so to speak. I acted NOT in accordance with the will of Holy Father. I stepped out on my own and I got into BIG, BIG, BIG, trouble. I know all what I'm saying is so not what you are used to hearing about. So many are convinced that it's cool to do this and that. So many don't even believe in God. I'm still, regardless, telling you. I am telling you this publicly. I am telling you this with my very own face on my profile. I am telling you this no matter what you may think of me. Why? Because my butt knows what's up! I experienced hell, or at least what many have experienced, right before they get taken completely into it. I am telling you of a very personal experience of mine, because I do sincerely wish you all just knew. I wish I somehow could just ….I don't know….download it all into your minds, so that you could somehow experience and know for yourselves too. I wish …I just wish. I wish that my words were more powerful. I wish that I could prove to you what I'm saying to you. All I can do is just hope and pray that at least someone might read this and might just might reconsider the seriousness of reality and what is coming to those who live their lives glorifying the enemy instead of glorifying their Creator. Hell is a prison for all who joined the adversary. It wasn't created for the souls of mankind. Regardless, many die belonging to Lucifer, so they go to him. Pick one. Pick one master or the other. You choose.

  8. Man I wished I lived near enough to attend this church and hear again an actual PREACHER, not a sissified teacher. I'm 63 and live in Oregon, a liberal, state where the churches have all changed their names and have modern music so they fit into the world more. That is what a pastor of a big church here told me himself. Pray for revival in this land, everyone!

  9. Anyone these days who calls themselves a preacher and doesn't teach these things is culpable of handing over God's sheep to the enemy because they fail to share the truth in totally. And sadly they abscond this responsibility Sunday in and Sunday out! And day in and day, our brothers and sisters lie as corpses spread across the battlefield! Fearful shepherds will have to account partial messages.