Charles Stanley | – A Formula For Courage – Dr. Charles Stanley

Where do you turn to for courage? Where do you go to strengthen yourself for everything you must face?

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  1. Just in time.! I am praying, no doubt as many, many other Mothers in the world. As I begin to create a note to my son with a reminder that he has a wonderful heritage from my side of the family . I know that the two of the Mayflower pilgrims no doubt prayed for all their
    family members later generations. I just think that Joshua 1:9 would have been one of their most precious words from God which were held close many times, especially when personalized. Thank you for sharing your personal from your Mother.

  2. The system of satan in my opinion:
    Order out of chaos. They will crash the worldeconomy.
    No more cash.
    Basic income for everybody.
    No more debts.
    A vaccine against corona and other viruses.
    With the vaccine they inject you with a chip ,
    then they can follow you , and do they need 5G.
    The chip or the vaccine will change your dna,
    then you are not human anymore. And you cannot enter heaven.
    Only one Way to escape this wicked world:

    We must be born again to be saved in this time as gentiles.
    We must repent and ask Jesus forgiveness for our sins. When your sins are forgiven Jesus baptizes you with the Holy Spirit without using water.
    Then the Holy Spirit in your heart do not let you sin anymore!
    Because you get His commandments in your heart and in your mind. Then you love God and your neighbors 100 %.
    You dont steel , lie and want to have something from others etc.
    Then you are really born again.
    Ask Jesus in your heart!

    16 May 2011 , I asked Jesus in my heart.
    I was ill at the time.
    Overstrained or burne out and very restless.
    I then felt a vibration going through my body from my head to my toes. Immediately afterwards I became very calm.
    The next morning I was again very restless.
    This lasted about a week.
    I then had a dream that I lived in a prison.
    And a voice then said to me that the devil had to get out of me.
    I then prayed for the devil to leave me.
    Immediately afterwards I felt that same vibration from head to toe again and at the end of it a voice said: you are now free! and now start reading the bible.
    Suddenly I felt a lot of peace and love.
    I was changed from a sinful, selfish person to a born again Christian with a lot of love for the other. And experienced a lot of rest.
    When Jesus has made you free, you are free from sin and free from death.
    Afterwards my illness was the best thing that happened to me.

  3. Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Mark 16:15 tells us to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” We can do this through The Jesus Film Project. Every 83 cents donated saves a soul for all eternity somewhere in the world. Jesus tells us to store up treasures for ourselves in Heaven. You cannot take it with you, but you can send it on ahead. Please save a soul for all eternity. Send in a donation to the Jesus Film Project no matter how small. Someone’s eternity depends on it.

  4. I have listen to this message several times,but every times in brings new encouragement to me, but it has simple but everyday practical advice.Always encouraging reading the Word and praying.Thank you Pastor.

  5. I have to thank the Lord for his humble servant Dr.Charles Stanley and this ministry. While facing legal persecution and prosecution for defending myself from an intoxicated off duty reserve deputy. I was able to endure and walk out on the other side,a much better follower. Thank you Jesus!

  6. Success to me is knowing and being able to walk through this life without partaking in sins this world is so full of. Success to me is being able by Grace given to walk in repentance through Christ who strengthens me. Success to me is knowing I can enter that door through the blood of Christ. That's success to me and another Victory for Jesus Christ Amen.

  7. Wow, Dr Charles Stanley. I get a little emotional thinking about the first time I listened to him when I was in my youth and God has used this man's preaching to help me grow, even in the tough times of my life. Thank Dr Stanley.

  8. So so so beautiful word, I started to listen to it and I couldn't stop, it's a preciuous message. That's what I do, every morning I teach my kids the word of God and pray, and now that I've heard our pastor's preaching, I feel more motivated to continue doing it. That phrase was awesome: difficulties are the bridge to God's treasure., because dussapointment will occur, but it's a choice.

  9. Thank you Dr Charles for all the messages you deliver. I have never met you but I am always built stronger and becoming more confident. This year was rough for even before COVID 19 was there. I was facing a very huge trauma. I started to listen to you on July and a try to put on practice what I learnt. I can see a great transformation. I really need God. I believe He has called me to preaching and I trust Him He will provide what is needed.

    There is a clear reason for COVID-19. More than 60 million cases are confirmed and 1.4 million people have lost their lives. Is this just coincidence? All Catholic and Christian leaders of the world must consider this question since all problems and answers of life are in the Bible. Stop preaching and hearing lies differing from the Bible and come out of the churches that have become a home for demons. Turn to the Truth while you are alive!

  11. I thank God everyday for dr. Charles Stanley in his ministry he's helped me get through this world so much and so often is so many times with the way you deliver the word I have taken the things you've said and applied them to my life the best that I can I faced difficulty I've battled with drugs and alcohol several failed marriages the guys never given up on me and never forsaken me he's always drawing me back to him and I don't know but that would have ever happened without people and Ministries like in touch thank you all so much continue praying for me and my wife in this marriage situation for granted Natalie for we may be headed for a divorce my wife has left the marriage I trust God I know he can bring down the Walls like you did in Jericho and I'm hanging on his word and I'm doing it in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ again thank you all so much I couldn't imagine this world without Brothers and Sisters in Christ for the people that have good hearts we could not endure without God's word amen