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“We can trust God because He works all things together for His good and just purpose.

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  1. Agreed. And along with Joseph, Abraham(sent away at a young age), Noah(Ark chronicles) and Daniel(alone to care for sheep) had to endure difficult circumstances. We may not understand why we must go through it, but it's for our strengthening knowing that we are protected. ~God acts on our behalf.

  2. Patience, and trust in God.

    Seek to open your heart – and the closets of your life, so to speak – to God, and yield to Him.
    He loved us enough to die for us on the cross – and His love continues.

    I've a long way to go, but Jesus is faithful.

  3. Dear God we ask for peace of mind. we pray that we can be calm always, collected and tranquil at all times today. We rest and relax in your presence. We let go of all anxious thoughts. We will stop rushing and start praying. We will let go and let God. In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen

  4. Wow amen! Remember though, God is not a genie that we should expect to get everything we want from! He has feeling just like you and me. So let's not talk to him only when we want something! Talk to him because you love him! God bless.

    Coming up sweet Jesus, coming up
    I know that you love me
    Or you wouldn’t have relived me
    Of all my wrongs of the past.

    Too Many I know have forgot to pray
    Living however till their judgment day.
    Earth has it’s givers and fingers who take
    As too many suffer from fear and mistake.

    I’m blessed I’ve felt You since I just was nine
    Singing in church at the front of the line.
    Observance to word and obedience to law
    Let’s our Lord we heed His call.

    Coming up sweet Jesus, coming up
    I know that you love me
    Or you wouldn’t have relived me
    Of all my wrongs of the past.

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