Charles Stanley | – Knowing God’s Love – Daily Devotional

“The more we dwell on the goodness of God’s love, the more firmly we’ll stand during hardships.

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  1. Part of the love He showed toward us is shown in how He identified with us, while remaining pure of sin:
    -He was carried of them born through a woman, like the rest of us
    -He was baptized of John, though He needed no remission of sins
    -He was tempted of the devil, though did not falter

    -Falsely accused of many things, yet He remained steadfast in love while firm in truth
    -Experienced great sorrow, 'even unto death', at the garden of Gethsemane
    -Was betrayed by one of His closest friends, and abandoned by the rest

    And in our place, He died a death we were deserving of, that we may live a life according to and empowered by His righteousness.

    Note that today's passage, the letter to the Ephesians, comes from Paul's time in jail. Yet he still writes of boldness, confidence, and access to God through Christ, and joy therein.

    If you find yourself feeling 'cut off' from Christ: then reclaim that boldness, approach the throne, repent of what you need to repent of, and seek His strength.
    You don't try to clean yourself up of the day's dirtiness before you go to the shower: you go to the shower to clean yourself up.

    How much moreso should we seek Jesus, Who washed His disciples' feet in humility and love, to clean ourselves up, rather than thinking we should somehow clean ourselves up first before approaching our Savior?
    "If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me." (From John 13:8)

    I've a long way to go, but He is faithful.

  2. I look for God's help in overcoming my difficult days separated from the woman I love who is far away. I do not know when we can be together again and I pray it be soon. I need help in prayer.

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