Charles Stanley | – The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have – Daily Devotional

“Jesus calls His obedient followers “friends,” and He is the best friend we will ever have.

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  1. It is written in the five Books of Moses detailed; instructions, measurements, design, materials used and construction techniques.first the ark of the covenant which contains the Ten Commandments (Gods word) and Aaron’s budded staff.all the wonders done through the staff was the word.when the staff budded the word made an altar, both where inside the tabernacle of the congregation, which was in the centre of the camp of the children of Israel.if we draw a plan of the camp using the measurements we get a cross.
    For 40 years the children of Israel wandered around the desert in the shape of a the centre of the cross was Gods word, the word made flesh and an altar.

  2. I have complete confidence that God is able to take care of any situation and provide an answer to any question or problem – He has all the resources of the universe to draw upon in helping each one of us through any type of crisis if we will trust Him.