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“We can trust God with the future because we know He works all things for our good.

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  1. When I was a child, I had a few recurring dreams.

    In one recurring dream I'd be running as fast as I could because a monster was chasing me.
    I'd wake up panting and frightened.
    That dream went for a while just like that.
    But later on, the dream changed.
    I'd be running and I could hear the monster getting closer.
    I had that more fearful dream for a while.
    A few times in that dream, I was running but I was getting tired of running and knew the monster would eventually catch me and rip me to pieces.

    So in one dream, as I was running,
    I made the decision to stop running.
    Several times I'd stop running and freeze in my tracks, waiting for it and could almost feel the monster breathing on my neck, but I'd wake up.
    On one nightmare, I made a decision while in the dream that I was going to stop running and turn around and face the monster while he would rip me up.
    I did.
    It was a horrible monster; I had never seen his face before then.

    But something very strange happened.
    I stopped and turned to face him, controlling my body's reaction to run away or scream.
    I stood motionless, and I just starred at him.
    He stopped right in front of me and growled loudly.
    I did not move.
    I just starred at it;
    I was thinking: Go ahead. I'm tired of running. Get it over with!
    But I said nothing.
    It threw it's arms in the air, growled louder and louder.
    Then he stopped.
    He looked at me as if confused.
    Then, he turned around and walked away.

    That was the last time I had that nightmare.

    God is good ALL the time!

  2. This is the Truth in regards to the One and ONLY Aluah (Almighty One), the Creator of heaven and earth and of mankind and of all things, YAHUAH !!! The Sacred Name that He himself proclaimed to Moses on Mount Sinai which the pagans have tried to cover up and replace with titles such as “Lord” or “Lord God” over 7000 times in the bible, titles which were used for babylonian false gods (ba’al). His Name is the biggest revelation in the whole Torah (True Word and Law of YAHUAH) and it is the first Commandment given to us as an eternal memorial to know and address and worship our One Creator by His True Name YAHUAH and not by pagan titles!! He clearly says to not take His name to vain !! (3rd Commandment). The other most crucial Truth which they have tried to twist and pervert with their lies and through which they have deceived people into worshipping the beast is the name of our Glorious Messiah the Son of YAHUAH and his true biblical name is Yahusha (the name His Father in heaven gave him not men, as the original hebrew text shows us) not jesus christ!! Yahusha (YAHUAH-yasha) translates as YAHUAH is Salvation! Because he would come in the name of the Father in heaven to bring His Salvation!! The name “jesus christ” does not embody the Father’s name but something completely else!! It was created by emperor costantine at the council of nicea in an attempt to bring unification to the roman empire by bringing all the pagan gods who were being worshipped at distant parts of the empire (all names of Tammuz the babylonian false god, the names simply changed after being dispersed from the tower of babel) into this one false Messiah who could be accepted by all pagans unified by a false “universal religion”. The many pagan names were narrowed down to the most worshiped and influental of the time, hesus (druid false god), horus (egyptian false god), and krishna (eastern false god) which later evolved into jesus h. christ. (See and The first letters of these three names in greek chi, xi and sigma are actually the letters which were shown to John in revelation to be the symbol of the beast and they were added together in a numerical value in error by the translators which would make for the number 666 hence the misconception that this number is the symbol of the beast ( see ). In light of this new false religion and false image of the Messiah was also changed the Set-Apart 7th Day Shabbat of YAHUAH (4th Eternal Commandment!!) to “sunday” offering worship to their babylonian pagan trinity sungod! Christianity carries all the babilonian pagan customs and doctrines to this day and has deceived so many people with its false trinity and incarnation doctrines (The heavenly Father is One he is not a trinity!!) its pagan holydays and day of worship (not the true ordained feasts of our Creator commanded in The Torah) its false teachings about the Law (the Law was not done away with at the “cross” (which was actually a tree)! Yahusha our Messiah the Son of the Almighty said so himself!- Matthew 5:18. The decrees demanding our death for disobedience were. We are to do our best to be obedient to the Law of our Father just like Yahusha our Master said we should! John 13:15-17, Matthew 7:21-23) and its false image of the Messiah (the beast in disguise) which gives glory to their pagan “gods” and not YAHUAH the One True Creator!! I’m not asking you to believe me or agree with me i’m inviting you to investigate and seek the Truth for yourself because the end days are upon us! I’ll share two websites that have a LOT of information regarding The Truth of our Heavenly Father: “” “” and some youtube channels which dive on these topics: “Parable of the Vineyard”, “YAHUSHA KING”, “The Sabbath Covenant”, “Hidden One of YAH”, “Messenger Of The Name”, “Watchmen of YAHUAH”, “Devoted to Yah”. Whoever has a heart for the Truth let them hear! Seek YAHUAH the One and Only Living Aluah and His True Word!!

  3. This is why I like listening to InTouch Ministries they help us to look to the Lord. But remember you must read our Bibles everyday I read mine I'm on Ezekiel now. Thank you Jesus thank you Father and thank you holy Spirit.

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