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Jimmy Jones was driving his delivery truck in 2011 when he found himself in the cross hairs of an F-4 tornado. Frantic, he was forced to seek refuge under an interstate overpass which is where he ran into someone he wasn’t expecting. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [support us]

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  1. A man was there, and then not seen. In no way does that implicate an angel was sent. This man most likely also believes just believe in your heart and your saved. No water baptism as Yashua and the apostles taught for the remission of sins.

  2. God sent me 8 angels when I was assaulted in 1987, 4 large Alaskan dogs, 4 men in lumberjack clothing, their pants tucked inside their boots. red flannel plaid shirt, they were calm, I believe when God is still using you in the ministry, even when I had no ministry at the time, God will preserve your life for the near future ministry you know nothing about yet. The man assaulting me was going to kill me, but couldn't not with the dogs there.


    I will never forget when I was either age 16/17, my boyfriend and I had had a motorcycle wreck and when we hit the vehicle, my body was thrown over the car but it was odd how much higher my body went over that car to miss it. I really believe that I had my angel with me that day. Instead of me being hurt badly, I left that accident with only scrapes and bruises. My boyfriend was badly injured but he survived that accident.

    Another time that I know I can recall was when I was hospitalized for preterm labor. I was trying to have my second child when I was 7 months pregnant. I ended up spending 3/4 weeks in the hospital and I remember that many times I’d feel alone because I didn’t have a lot of visitors coming to see me. There was a lot of time on my hands so I just poured myself more into GOD’S Word, for during this time and as young as I was then, it was definitely more than I had ever done before. One night while sleeping, and after midnight; my room door opens up and the light from it is SO BRIGHT that I sit up, in fact I never ever heard the door opening, it was the brightness of the light he was standing in that made me wake up. He looked normal looking (human), he was blonde and dressed as if he were coming out of surgery so he had on scrubs from head to toe but his face was showing and the mask was hanging down off of him. When I saw him, he smiled so big, his smile was beautiful and peaceful. I asked him if there was anything wrong and he smiled again and said no, go back to sleep, everything is going to be alright. So at the time I didn’t give much more thought to it, but I remember when I woke up, I asked the nurse what doctor was in my room from that night before and I told her all about what I had seen. She told me that no doctors had been there yet to make any rounds and she assured me that no doctor would be coming to my room that time of night. She chalked it up to me dreaming it but I knew I didn’t dream that. I also knew my doctors that would come in to check on me, one of which would spend a lot of extra time with me, but I knew who my doctors were so I knew that this was not just a dream. Looking back, for the entire experience I am grateful for that time I got to spend in that hospital. GOD always gives us exactly what we need. During that time in my life, my body needed to be resting and I definitely needed to be getting alone with GOD.


  4. Yes. Its not about our wants our needs the Material things of this world. Its about "Jesus Christ," putting him first in all his wants his needs. We have to Diminish in things the flesh desires and be of the spirit so that other can see the Christ in us…

  5. PRAISE God!! I've heard My Angel two heavenly visitation too!! Spoke to me both times..once held me down to keep me alive..another time comforted me and a VOICE not from this world spoke to me!

  6. An F5 hit the area I lived at in Nashville around 1995 or 1998. Our entire few triplex buildings were spared. Not even a mile down the road, it completely uprooted numerous hundred year old trees and splintered some into toothpicks. And in the back of a neighbor's house down the road, it peeled a paved driveway up like a banana peel. The power of these tornadoes are unfathomable. This one was the one that hit Nashville and i heard stories I choose to not talk about much. Unless you've actually been in one, you can not comprehend. Two died in that one, one a student who for some reason couldn't or didn't make it to shelter in time and one homeless person. As terrible as that is, it should have killed thousands and didn't.