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Beckah Shae has conquered some of life’s toughest challenges to become a rising star in Christian music… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [support us]

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  1. Even though bad events happened in your life, it’s awesome to see how Jesus used those bad moments to turn it into something great in your life and how you could use it for your testimony. Keep doing your thing Becca and following Jesus!

  2. "God is not finished. He has a plan. He has a purpose, and he has a destiny for your life. You have to know this… and that to see yourself the way God sees you is the beginning of freedom."

  3. Becka is still self-absorbed with all that fake-up on her face. She is not truly converted and still has a lot of repenting to do. She just puts a Christian spin on worldly living. She makes songs that make you feel good, even if you are living in sin. She needs to fully assume the role that God gave to her: be a wife, be a mother, be fruitful and multiply, obey her husband and take care of her household. She needs to get rid of the fake stuff, the contraception, and the need for attention and praise. She is very talented as a musician, but lacking in godliness. I hope she repents.

  4. I'm listening to your testimony and it's making me cry because that is so me right now and it's never too late no matter your age because I'm going to be 72 in about 3 months and most of my life things are really well in the last 6 years it got really hard but God never left and he's bringing me out of it and your testimony even your tone of voice was such a blessing and I love to worship God when I listen to your music because I've always been a dancer and will always be a dancer thank you Lord Jesus