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He was pinned under a massive logging truck. Bruce was certain he would die until the miraculous happened… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [support us]

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  1. There are many stand out reasons as to why I don’t buy this testimony. Many of which of to do with personal bias and its affect on End-Of-Life Visions. But let’s talk about the angels. Structurally what he is describing is most similar to the mal’ach (messenger of god in accordance to ancient Abrahamic belief)
    How ever in no instance in the written word is there a finite case of these beings performing these actions. These beings are in sense, the literal form of angels in context to its root, but not to the main stream belief. Healing heavenly beings that exude feelings of warmth and happiness which are often also seen at time of death, usually have vague descriptions or differ and wouldn’t line up with his account all to well. As far as other heavenly beings are considered, (e.I. Ophinum, Seraphims, chevrins, etc) none of them seem to fit his description, if he really saw of these beings, he would’ve known. In short, there’s one reason of many why I don’t buy this as truth leading me to chalk it to an End-Of-Life Vision bias

  2. Great story but what happens with the human body in a traumatic event it fights pain by our brain shooting out this chemical dmt releases it's what makes us dream at night as well but in this case it releases way more but he described to a t what the brain does when your close to death

  3. Praise the Lord! He saved my life with 2 weeks to live and I totally get it. I owe Him as many loving souls as I can bring to Him as He asked me to while having my life saving brain surgery. God is real and He is truly our heavenly father above all! In the name of Jesus, Amen!

  4. My lord and savior! I have dealt with the out of body experience just as he described. My father and I was fishing. I went through all my bobbers except the last one broke and I'm an excellent swimmer so I thought no big deal I'm going to swim for it. I'm half way across the pond and the wind keeps pushing it further. I went down a few times as im in the middle of this pond each time as the weeds keeps wrapping around my legs making me very weak I start yelling to my father. I went down and next thing I'm seeing my father rescuing me but I'm seeing this above if I could describe maybe 20 or so feet above but keeps going up and next thing like this man said bam!!!! Bank inside and my superman is telling me wrap around his neck as he gets me to shore. If it wasn't for my father aka the real superman and my father in heaven I wouldn't be here. I lost my father at the end of November of 2020. I have a second chance because of him. I do miss him dearly this is very hard to type right now. I love you all and God bless. May 2021 be better for us all. Keep your faith and be kind to one another I beg please!!!!!!!