Christian Broadcasting Network | – Dead Boy Returns From Afterlife to Tell His Mom About Heaven

Eight-year-old Landon and his parents were driving home from church when their car was crushed in a car crash. Landon’s dad died at the scene, and so did Landon -twice. He was brought back to life and told his mother about his miraculous …

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  1. Touching story. I was in a hospital fire 3 and half years ago during a surgery. My surgeon said “I wasn’t afraid tik I started to smell smoke.” Thankfully no one was hurt and they got me out. I attribute my survival to God. My surgeon was a Jew. I know he was praying during my surgery and I believe all the prayers saved me. They called my mom to let her know they were going to get me out soon. And she could hear yelling and screaming in the background and fire alarms going off

  2. Doctors: I’m sorry, your son died 2 minutes ago.. beep beep beep beep

    Hold on, he woke up now?

    Yes, he just came back alive. Umm, your son just been resurrected from the dead. Please wait here until I check on him