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Mary Neal describes her experience of heaven and angels after drowning in a kayaking accident… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [support us]

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Comment (28)

  1. A very credible person who would have no reason to make this up. She was a total success in life with money and prominence. Plus God told her that her son would die at a young age, and not to grieve when it happened. It happened 10 years later in an accident.

  2. When I was a kid I drowned. I had the same feeling of peace and resolve. In fact it was rather pleasant, but there was nothing, and I mean nothing Christian about it.
    And why am I not surprised that there is a book deal involved, there is always a book deal involved with these near death Christian quacks.

  3. Profits from the sale of the book all go to charity! No one person is getting rich, folks, but lots of people are being helped. Those of you who cannot find it in yourselves to be open minded, we pray for you…because you a special too.

  4. There may be life after death but there is no such thing as a loving personal god who answers your prayers. In the middle of a hurricane everyone is praying for safety and the survivor will tell you god answered their prayers. What about all the rest? Didn't pray hard enough? Most of religion is a money grab.

  5. I find her story very credible.  God told her events that would happen years later including the death of her young son, and that she should not grieve but have peace. I believe God gives some people a glimpse into the next life to give comfort to the rest of us.  

  6. Shared your book that I had bought and gave to a minister whom I am a friend for many years. He was fascinated with your experience. I have interviewed lots of people with similar experiences.

    I hope you and your family, friends and above all your patients.

    Mrs and doctor Neal a best of life . If god can hear me , be well.

    Maurice DUBois from Northampton,massachusetts

  7. I read this book. I was SO touched by it that it has changed my life for the better. I really believe her story and had goosebumps all the way through it. I cant recommend this one highly enough. Great book and I have read it over and over now. Love it!

  8. You missed the best part…..people appear out of nowhere to get her out……when they get to a dirt road after hours of trying to get her out…..there's an ambulance waiting for her…in the remote area of Chile. When they ask why the ambulance is there he says…he's waiting.

  9. I like the way Mary Neal describes this experience in this video the best. In some of her other videos I feel like She’s added to the story details not given here. Perhaps She simply left them out of This interview. She definitely is the most humble in this interview and I can feel her experience through her.