Christian Broadcasting Network | – I Asked God For My Dream Job and Got It! –

Jennifer Dickenson lost her job, her car and nearly her home. With faith in God, she wrote out a plan… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN [support us]

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  1. Lord, may all those that have commented on this feed regarding unemployment and poverty ( including myself) recieve better then what they lost….double fold and 7 fold return in careers and finances…may we have pure joy and our dream jobs..and may it happen quickly in Jesus name..

  2. Please pray for me to find a well paying , fulfilling job. I'm over qualified for my current job . When i try to talk to people in high level nit not necessary for a job they don't even reply to my text but sometimes i just wanna say hello.

  3. This is my personal testimony. I hope this will give hope to someone. I struggled to find a job as a Nurse for just over a year. For a long time I felt hopeless because I did not see any results, but I tried to remain faithful, and I said the Lords prayer a lot. I fasted and asked God to take me to his courts to repent for any generational iniquity that would stop me from getting a job. I also made some big sacrifices for Jesus, since he made the ultimate sacrifice for me. So, a few weeks ago, I had a job interview at a hospital I really wanted to work at, but I was not selected because I did not have enough experience. However, the hiring manager said I had a lot of potential and passed my resume to another hiring manager. A couple weeks later, this hiring manager called me and hired me on the spot because the previous hiring manager advocated for me. Also, I had another job offer the same day. What I learned looking back is to be patient and be faithful to God. Always believing our prayer was answered. I learned God is preparing something better for you behind the scenes and he knows what is best for us because he created us and knows the future. Glory be to the Lord. Amen.

  4. To anyone new coming across this video, GOD is in control!!! Stop looking for companies and PEOPLE to save you! Ask GOD for help and guidance. DO NOT speak ill of your situation, but speak LIFE!!!! I am currently without a job but because my faith is in GOD and not the people reading my resume, I know an offer is coming. I made a list, I have prayed and fasted and God confirmed He will honor me. Please stop putting your faith in man to allow God room to work in your life. Blessings to all that read this <3 UPDATE – I GOT THE JOB HE PROMISED ME.

  5. Jeez congratulations for you. I’ve been praying for a job for ten years along with having been fired from three jobs in the past two years for stupid reasons after only having a job after two days for stupid reasons and haven’t even been given the chance to learn how to do it. And that’s concerning just minimum wage jobs. Not even fast food joints seem to want me and nobody seems to be willing to give me any type of experience. Plus I’ve been praying to get employed for the past ten years and keep it only to find out employers don’t seem to want me thinking I’m not good enough. It’s so nice that some people seem to be fortunate in this regard while I’ve been stuck in the gutter. -_- And then people turn around and judge me as a loser because nobody is willing to give me a chance. I guess it’s not in God’s will to help me in this regard.

  6. Hai..I have been looking for a job for almost 2 years and praying very hard to get my dream job but still I don't get anything.please whoever read this help pray for me. And I hope god provides me a job that I desire for so long..god please have mercy on me ..thank you