Christian Journal | – Fear not, the Lord your God is with you, Powerful Protection Prayer and Scripture

With tonight being the winter solstice, we pray for protection and deliverance from evil in Jesus name!

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Comment (31)

  1. Thank you for posting these scriptures. I was struggling against darkness that tried to envelope and overwhelm me! My prayers and focus on the Lord's word is what I clung to. If it weren't for God and these scriptures I think that I would have been defeated. Thank you so much!

  2. Oh death, where is Thy sting:
    Oh sinful flesh, surrounding garment.
    My flesh whithereth away, suffering carnality.
    Wicked one, serpents tongue, unspeakable nightmare, tormenting agony, cursed thoughts, ringing out, madness running all about.
    On this day, get down and pray, bow your head, for behold He said, " In the day you find your way, there will I be, just ask of Me, on bended knee, cry out to Me, my Hand is reaching, behold My Teaching, in that day will I take you away. "
    Oh death where is Thy sting.
    Praise be to His Name for ever and ever…

  3. Amen.Thank you so much.Hallelujah.Gods timing is always perfect. I really needed to hear and follow this prayer on here.Restoring my Faith and lifted me up once again.Heavenly Father I am forever grateful to you for your Love and Faithfulness.

  4. This prayer is in Vain because Jesus will never save you. This precept is against the teaching of Jesus when he say that he is not God the people righteousness the one that will save him because the son shall not bear the inequity of the father & vice versa.

  5. Jesus please evrything i said please forgive me jesus god you are our father and jesus is our protector we all love you father god and jesus acsept the bad people love you father god and jesus amen