Christian Journal | – Florida Sheriff Warns Americans Need To Arm Up Now

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Comment (49)

  1. As Christian's wouldn't we teach the word pickup the sword die by the sword… I don't agree with this
    Don't you see what the New World order association is trying to do and provoke instead of taking us out they figure we would do it to ourselves and look at the hand jesters of this sheriff there is a subliminal message with the mudras in his hand

  2. I do support Trump, but you are absolutely correct with the point of keeping an eye on his plan of infrastructure . I dont know what those boxes are, what the purposes of them? Ive gotta research that. Some technology of smart cities I dont disagree with, but you are right, we have to make sure more freedoms are not taken away from us

  3. I applaud this sheriff, but he talks about 9/11 as if it happened the way the lame-stream media reported it. Seriously? The terrorists responsible for that horrible attack were Bush, Cheney & others in the US Deep State, as well as their evil co-conspirators in Saudi Arabia & Israel. I think this sheriff needs more "awareness" about false flags.

  4. lol, the police, who nationwide have gone along with ALL the ridiculous gun control laws that have made it ridiculous for the average person to get a concealed carry permit, are gonna now call on us to arm ourselves. There are people whose lives are ruined with non violent crimes, maybe they got caught with some weed, or maybe had a drug addiction and got caught with some pills or a needle, have almost ZERO chance of getting a gun. I personally have had like three women try to screw me in court, and get restraining orders before I was able to defend myself, and even though those restraining orders were either overturned, or expired with no incidents, I, and MANY men who have been falsely accused, am on a list for that forever basically. The police wouldn't even do a real investigation, just some girl got mad and made up some shit, has no proof, good luck, tell it to the judge. So its laughable. They have SCREWED so many American men, and they don't even seem to know, they just talk to an imaginary army of citizens like we can just go out, and go buy a gun.

  5. Americans al though powerful, are crazy to think more guns is the answer. What you do is buy back all the guns destroy them make huge fines for people who are caught with them. You say "don't take my gins" in Australia we don't really have any gun violence some people get shot but its cause they get there guns illegally .GET RID OF YOUR GUNS AND I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT GET SHOT

  6. Wow! What a brave, honest sheriff to cime right out and speak truth to the people! He's right, too, that we must defend ourselves and family. We must be prepared. Thank you Sheriff!! and great info… I'll be looking for those white boxes on lamp posts.

  7. This is a great step in the right direction, however I wish he would come to realization that he's serving them too, I hope he doesn't get killed and we as citizens should reserve the duty to protect him. Against his satanic co staff.

  8. this man is a great American who is telling you the truth! this is exactly what the "founding fathers" where earning is about and to NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! GOD BLESS THIS MAN AND HIS MESSAGE! DON'T LET THE FAKE LIBTARDS TRY TO TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL "GET KILLED" BY YOUR OWN GUN OR KILL THE WRONG PERSON.

  9. Thank you Sherrif for speaking out against those who want to hurt innocent people. We have for too long allowed these attacks to be carried out without means of self defense. I wish you were in every county in the USA. What absolute honor it would be to be served by your department an armed citizens. Every American should arm themselves an take this responsibility seriously. Thank you sir from northern Michigan. May God give yours safe passage always. Ty Clark. 26June2017

  10. hey everyone well I am in Orlando so let's speak of Truth. This Sheriff is clearly warning us about what is coming and who is behind all of it. but the truth is of what is coming in spiritual and a gun won't save you from the evils that will be Unleashed upon the world. no weapon will help you except the sword of the spirit which shall be stored in your heart and upon your mouth. I encourage everyone who reads this and watches this video to go to my channel and watch my latest video that is uploading now about the dream my youngest son had about what is to come. judgement is at the door. there is a war coming like nothing you have ever seen and only the blood of Jesus can protect you. and our government the police the world leaders they know it and are prepared. are you prepared? the Lord has given me confirmation and revelation of what was shown to my son with much more! i too have been given dreams, visions and messages from God. it's real and when it comes u wont be able to control it, but if you are not found on the rock it will control you! Repent and Seek Jesus now before its too late.

  11. Satan hates humans! Any questions? Satan uses humans to destroy other humans. God gave us grace thru faith but men find that too simple to be true. It is true and it is the only means humans have to defeat Satan. Repent and be saved.

  12. off the grid, FAMILY 1ST and possibly the only to protect !!! ammo, knives, supplies and practice !!!

    Use most common weapons cause of ammo – 9mm, .40 Cal , .223 , .22 , 12 ga. , Trust no one !!!

  13. yep. in ga too. in Atlanta. I was getting my hair braided and this white guy came in wanted to talk to a owner or lease. so that he can put a box white box on the building or wall. They would get 400 or 200 dollars for that month. she said well I will be moving my shop. he was like that fine. we can still put it in there. Everyone is going to get one. in this area. It to help with billing or energy. at no cost to anyone. he made sound like no need to worry. But. yeah. The box look like that. smh. That probably why I stared him down I was watching his body language n everything.

  14. This vid is more relevant NOW more than ever. Even though gun shops like FFF are rationing ammo and lots of firearms are "sold out", its a very good sign that people are taking responsibility for their own safety and security. In all my 49 years ive never seen society this F'ed up. Our elected officials are against us as they bow down to radical far left groups that want to re-shape the USA into their own image. The year 2020 is one for the books.