Christian Journal | – ‘God’s Word Is True’: Geologist Says Unusual Discovery in Antarctica Confirms Biblical Flood Account

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Comment (22)

  1. In the beginning the trees reached the heavens, the trees covered the whole earth "Canopy"
    Giants walked the earth under the gigantic trees
    Trees are the earths natural cooling/cleaning system…..without trees not life would exist
    Trees are the key to the begging & end of all life

  2. I think this is the reason why religious leaders such as the head of the Russian Orthodox church, the pope, and luciferian globalist "elite" world leaders and politicians such John Kerry, Obama, and many others, have all gone on secret expeditions to Antarctica in the past decade. They're attempting to hide the proof that the Biblical flood is quite literally correct and true because it is imperative for these satanists to push the evolutionary theory agenda to the world..

  3. The earth is not a globe God has described the earth. Man has created the sphere to remove God from creation and replaced it with evolution please read..

    Psalm 96:10: "He has fixed the earth firm, immovable …"

    Psalm 104:5: "Thou didst fix the earth on its foundation so that it never can be shaken."

    Isaiah 45:18: "…who made the earth and fashioned it, and himself fixed it fast…"

    If the earth is immovable then it is not spinning and revolving around the sun.

    The Bible reads the earth has pillars: When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm. — Psalm 75:3

    For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he set the world upon them. — 1 Samuel 2:8

    Having pillars don't make much sense for a spherical earth but for a flat earth it does.

  4. Regardless of how warm it was in the past .. the Antarctic couldn’t support the growth of a forest as it is in darkness for six months of the year … unless of course the orientation of the earth changed at some point

  5. Millions of years ago….I think not. Secular science is fallen and deceived. Most Christians reject millions of earth years and the lie of darwinistic evolution, yet still fall for the Copernican heliocentric deception. If the sun is the center, then someone please tell me how earth was created day one, but sun on day four? Heliocentrism is an occult construct. There is absolutely no real evidence of it. We all have been lied to about everything since birth. The object of the lies: hide God.

  6. Go watch Age Of Disclosure Channel, there are Fossilized Giants and Giant Creatures littered all over the earth, yet no one noticed among the normal public until now, it will BLOW YOUR MIND! God bless.

  7. You cant be a Christian and a scientist. A true scientist looks at all the evidence and facts, not just the few pieces of evidence you are trying to find that match what you believe. Evolution is a fact, yet I bet this 'creationist' doesn't believe in that. He wont look at the millions of pieces of evidence that proved evolution. He will only focus on one piece of evidence that he tries to manipulate to match his make believe magic god

  8. Well not to hurt the religious feelings of anybody, I just want to say that some christians believe that Jesus was God and some say that he was the son of God. Now this is a bit confusing and a grey area for any logical person. If we say that Jesus was God than our christian brothers also say that Jesus was crucifed and he died for 3 days. Well If Jesus was God and he died for 3 days then the question arises that who was controlling the universe in those 3 days. It would mean that God died !!! This doesn't sounds well to any logical person.
    On the other hand if we say that Jesus was the son of God , even then how can a Gods' son be so weak or even the God himself be so weak that few Jews made a propaganda against Jesus and God was unable to defend his own son. This doesn't makes sense again.
    Also we observe in this world that the children of any creature has features in common with its parents. Like dogs have puppies, cats have kitten , cows have calves , then what a God will have? A baby God!!! This unfortunately doesn't digest easily.
    Suppose we consider Jesus as son of God , then Jesus should have the divine attributes also. But we find in Bible that Jesus went for sleeping, he ate food and on top of that he prayed to Lord. If he was God or the son of God, and God is self-sufficient then how come Jesus was dependant on such things. To whom he was worshipping?
    Another thing to note is that some christians claim that Jesus was the son of God because he was borned without a father i.e. he didn't have the father therefore it means that God is his father. Now this logic is also not valid since if we are saying that Jesus was the son of God since he had no father , then what will you say about Adam – the first man created by God – What will you say about him? Adam didn't had a father nor a mother then should we say that God is the father of Adam and Eve? If God is the father of Adam and Eve then who are we then? We all are the children of Adam and Eve. So that would mean that we are also the children of God. Well , this is not correct since we are not the children of God instead we are the creation of God .
    The birth of Jesus was no doubt miraculous since he was borned without a father but it doesnot mean that he was the son of God.
    The only logical conclusion which Islam puts forward and the logic that is easy to digest is that Jesus was neither God nor the son of God . Jesus never explicitly claimed divinity for himself. Instead , Jesus was one of the mightiest messenger sent from God. The creator of this universe is One and Only One God and Jesus just like other messengers, was sent from God to convey the message of God . It is against the majesty of God to have a son or daughter.
    One thing to be mention here is that in Islam we are taught to love and obey Jesus (peace be upon him). No Muslim is a Muslim until and unless he /she loves, respect and obey Jesus (peace be upon him). We love Jesus and we obey him and in this regard I will consider myself as a better christian then christians themselves. Because Jesus taught to obey and submit to One Creator i.e. to submit oneself to the will of the Creator and not to any Creation. And I obey jesus in this regard.
    Don't we ponder that, had their been more than one Creators of the Heavens and the Earth then we would have found so many contradictoins in the Heaven and the Earth. It is our daily observation that if we have two entities of equal power then what is inevitable? A clash!!! Two nations of equal power will fight with oneanother. Two persons of equal skills will compete and fight with oneanother . Similarly had their been more than One God , then their would have been a clash in the universe.
    At the end it is my humble request to all the readers to please research and then decide what is the right path. YOur beliefs should make sense to you. And make a decision as soon as possible . Since death is a reality and nobody from us really knows our date or death. It could be today, it could be now. So instead of going with the flow, choose the right path for eternal success.