Christian Journal | – Is this a Joke? FBI Comey 'No such thing as absolute privacy in America'

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Comment (40)

  1. How is this man still walking around free? When he said "clergymen " he was referring to his satanic elders, don't be confused with their twisting of words and created definitions. He's a crypto jew

  2. I think he is speaking from experience and someone has got some goods on him, who made what bargain,
    the Founding Fathers said EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!
    or as Snowden warned, our children won't even have a private thought or know what privacy was!

  3. You didn't read the NDAA year after year nor the patriot act or the one about Fusion centers [FEMA camps] so enjoy bread and circus only to wake up in a country you never imagined. It might be time to skip the games and help your country by holding the war criminal's accountable. The Skull and Bones CIA CFR UN  Fed Reserve ect. all need to be seen as the criminals they are and dealt with  accordingly.

  4. No privacy, memories not private. A judge can compel you but you can still refuse. Sorry Comey my SOUL is out of judicial reach and out of reach of you and the devil you work for! So get out of my phone, my home and my life!

  5. i answer to my higher power COMEY. wow. scum just spying on law abiding citizens of America. ATF got caught keeping a list of gun owners "which is against the law already "! but they do.. look it up…. shameful just shameful. saddened by the thought of the AMERICA MY 6YR OLD IS GROWING UP IN BY THE TIME SHES MY AGE. Americans will NOT have constitutional rights!!!!!. RIDICULOUS TO THE FULLEST!!!!

  6. I have not consented invasion of my privacy, nor will I ever consent. I do not own a smart TV at home, and my computer is unplugged unless I need it for what little research I do on it. cell phones stay in the car unless I need to make a call. outside of work environment, you have no say what goes on in my home, period.

  7. You are awesome my friend, consider re-listening listen to 'really really important constraints'…. For instance, if a shrink knows his patient wants to harm someone he must tell someone. (thoughts aren't private) . Same with free speech, can't Yell fire in a crowd. On a strictly Constitutional basis, he is correct. I'm trying to stay really neutral, we don't know for sure who the players are…. Thank you for your Vigilance!♡♡♡

  8. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY,OH yea there is,as long as americans have GUNS,there will be privacy or some very nosie government employees will learn about it the had way,with a rope or a bullet through the side of their head,but one way or another they will learn,some times its best to mind you own business..AND IT DON'T MATTER WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE……….