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In October 6, 2018 Warriors for Christ was in the Lafayette Louisiana PUBLIC library when the manager asked the police to stop us from using bible verses, even though we were in the lobby and talking amongst [support us] /> She said proselytizing is banned and citing scripture falls under that [support us] /> The LGBT was allowed to proselytize in the common area, while Warriors for Christ was not even allowed to recite Bible verses, even amongst each [support us] /> This is a violation of out 1st amendment rights!!
This is a public library and we were talking amongst ourselves in a normal [support us] /> Stand up to this fascism!!
Let the Lafayette Library know this is wrong and illegal (337)-261-5787

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  1. This is definitely a violation of freedom of speech. Look how these satanic marxists have literally destroyed this country. The Church (believers) need to rise up and stand up for what is right, true and that glorifies Our Heavenly Father, His Son, and Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible. Pray evil away. That woman was so wicked.

  2. HA!
    I wish they would.
    If i want to bring a bible in somewhere = i am bringing a bible in somewhere.

    All this kind of stuff has ZERO to do with "not allowed'.
    You just have to do what is right , .. and let the consequences fall on those that are wrong.

    Hire me on yalls team.
    Its remotely possible someone might get wrongfully sent to jail , but you can never compromise with unlawfullness amoungst authorities.
    Even if someone spent a few nights in jail ~~~ you WILL win the battle.


    *** PEOPLE — What you MUST understand is – they will unlawfully push you as far as you let them push us.
    Tell these folks about it and see if they pick up your case.

  4. Dearest beloved children of HE whom reigns from above, whom granted us HIS mercy and love. I would like to start this out, and ask you to stand with me and praise HIS name with a shout, for HE is what its all about. Rememer every day without delay, seek HIM and choose not to play. For Lucifers game is not one you can win, so always repent for your sin. Let not the sun go down on your trespass, for times can change oh so fast, and this age shall not last. For many are becoming corrupt, and your retirement may come abrupt. For HIS judgement starts in the church and ends on the fallen, I know who's symbol in haulin. Its the cross that HE bore for me, even though I don't deserve to be, I beg you to listen to me. Love like there is no tomorrow, and pray your worthy to escape the sorrow, also HIS heart if you may borrow. For we shall be the last remnant of his light, until the time of the Armageddon fight. For most want nothing to do with him, they would rather follow away in their sin. So I ask you so stand with all the muster of your spiritual might, for what's going on isn't right. And people decide to just keep rolling over and not standing up, and call this wickedness absolute corrupt. May HIS will be done in all of our life, don't allow the sin to cut your soul like a knife. I love you but more important is so does HE, and he is the truth with a capital T. Seek him and he will seek you back, and hold your shield of faith against any attack.

    Here is some scripture for your race, its going to be awesome when he whips the tears from our face

    Eph 5:19-21John 3:16 8:12 8:21 Jer 29:11 Isa 41:10 53:5 54:17 Mat 6:1-4 6:19-13 6:33-34 7:7 Phil 4:4-7 4:13 4:19 psa 28 6-9 119 1pet 4:8 1cor 15:57 2cor 9:8 12:19

    A brother in YHVH the Christ of Nazareth

  5. Time of sorrows..where a free Nation that once was allowed to share Jesus will be stifled…Our constitutional rights are falling away…a time when an accuser with no validity is believe and the accused is guilty bc of words…a time where tyranny will be the order of the day….but hold on to the TRUTH God is the same yesterday today and forever…He is a loving and just God that will bring judgement to our country…we need not fear for He is with us..perfect love cast out all fear…be prepared day u will wake up to find your freedom to worship will be denied you…churches will be closed bc you speak out against the wicked..your Bible's will be no more…therefore feed your spirit with the Word of God…it is life…God will not be mocked…pray for China and Turkey and all the saints that are being tortured for His names sake…pray for Shalom..for this cup will not pass by us…He will separate the lambs from the goats…the chaff from the wheat…this is not the time to be lukewarm…it is a time of revival..Blessed be His name Jesus Christ our Messiah

  6. Forgive me for my ignorance, but.. Why are you quoting Scripture in a Library? Shouldn't you be siting quietly reading?
    EDIT: Ahh. The Description explains more than the Video does. Perhaps include that in the Main Video.
    Also include a video of the LGBT doing the same..However this would probably be fruitless since they are a Movement not a registered religion.

  7. pros·e·lyt·ize
    gerund or present participle: proselytizing
    convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.
    "the program did have a tremendous evangelical effect, proselytizing many"
    synonyms: evangelize, convert, save, redeem, win over, preach (to), recruit, act as a missionary
    "I'm not here to proselytize"
    advocate or promote (a belief or course of action).
    "Davis wanted to share his concept and proselytize his ideas"
    synonyms: promote, advocate, champion, advance, further, spread, proclaim, peddle, preach, endorse, urge, recommend, boost
    "he wanted to proselytize his ideas"


  8. Were you trying to talk to strangers one-on-one or were you standing on a table quoting scripture? Its not clear what really happened in the library that day. The lady said "no proselytizing", aka no evangelism… consider if all religions evangelized in the library, a quite place, books would be flying in no-time; oh well, back to the street corner for you sir…