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Must Watch: “Researchers say there’s evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death”


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Comment (42)

  1. Its not flu its radiation blitzes from fukushima its been 6 years off fallout…here in uk…flu symptoms n.bad stomach….radiation check it out i wish some of you guys woukd try a bit harder youre beginning to aound like msm

  2. I live here in Chattanooga and I can tell you they chemtrailed like crazy 3 days in a row last week. I mean it was insane how many lines even in tic tac toe form. I believe they are dumping chemicals or something to make us sick.

  3. the first time ever I got a flu shot was when I was 18 I had the flu for ever a week that was in 1998. that was the first & last time I ever took shot & never had the flu again. I'm the type if someone Is sick I get it too cuz I have a weak immune system but I've been around those who had the flu & took the shot before hand & I still never got it. so there goes to show u that if u & ur kids & babies get shots ur all at risk to get sick. granted I get sick cuz of things I'm allergic to but other than that I'm good. oh by the way not many others know this but the world is trying to kill off people believe or not .. trying to get way under 500,000,000.. so with that said now know & u still have to decide with the information I gave u what to do with it..

  4. Chattanooga Tn . My Niece came home yesterday from School VERY SICK She Has Strep A Bronchial Infection (Her LUNGS are Horrible Chemtrials I am SURE Have Helped with that) and A Fever of 103. That's a Terrible Mixture.

  5. 10% of students at my sons elementry school is absent in bc canada. stomach pain and nausia but no vomit or diarrhea fever for our kid its been 2 weeks straight. some of the other kids had head ache and stomach pain on and off for a week. other students pain and vomit on and off over a week. the strangest is the stomach pain with no other symptoms in many of the students cases. I took my son to dr. and she sent us to the lab. haven't got reasults back yet. could be radiation? we live near the west coast. the students in the next city over have same symptoms.

  6. all you people wbo say its tbe illegals and imagrants making us sick….. have you ever traveled to tbe countries they came from ? they are just like us. they don't harbor disease. Dont let the fear of imagrants scare you into taking vaccines and provoke hatred. thats the devil. we are all gods ppl.

  7. About 2 years ago my 2 sons went to play football with some mates. Later that night they were really ill (like some sort of sleeping sickness) they were complaining of really bad stomache pains, terrible headache and kept sleeping for over a week but the worst symptom of all was they were bleeding from the ears, nose and eyes (I WAS WORRIED SICK)…..the doctor said it was gastroenteritis…..they have never been right since, always complaining of stomache pains…..some of their mates came down with the same illness now all 4 of them have developed a lump in their testicles, a couple of weeks ago 1 of their mates tested positive for testicular cancer he's 21 years old….they all said there were low flying planes that day…….go figure

  8. My son and I live near where the closures are and let me tell you, this year has be just terrible! We have been sick w/ "flu-like" symptoms at least 3 times this year. The doctors say it's allergies but this makes no sense because my son brings it home from school and then I catch it. From my understanding, allergies are not contagious. Twice when we got sick, it started with an ear infection type scenario then progressed. The other times the glands got swollen and then it progressed. It's been awful!

  9. Never, ever get a flu shot. They put all kinds of contaminants in the shot. They are trying to sicken and kill people. Ever heard of Agenda 21? Look it up. They are trying to reduce the population in any way they can. This shot will make you catch the flu, and will make you sicker and will actually weaken your immune system. If you just eat food with onions and garlic in it, and eat apples, all this fights off viruses. Stay away from sick people, don't breathe in after a person near you coughs or sneezes. Wash your hands often, and take Vit. C. You should be alright.