Christian Journal | – Pope Francis Calls For A NEW CENTRAL WORLD BANK

Since when does the Pope talk about international monetary policy? Apparently, the new guru is now calling for a new central world bank! For More the latest news, reports and sources used in this video: [support us]
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Comment (47)

  1. All the hacking done on Russian banks & others plus what our government gives these people they can start their own world. Wait they are worshipping another Angel called Satan probably with Obamas help Soros Hillary the whole gang.

  2. I think he's trying to herd any follower of the catholic church towards the New World order. The Bible says that the false prophet will encourage people to worship the beast. That would include the beast himself as well as the beast system which is the New World order system. Those are my thoughts.

  3. Well they know Christians will be raptured . They are still preparing and want to be ready. They know revelations, and they are going against Israel and know God will judge the earth, and know the rapture will be soon. They know, the arch was their way of saying ,…look for the antichrist , their world leader.

  4. how come nobody ever does video on the black pope? is he that hidden that nobody can find anything to report or do people not know about him? This Pope Francis isnt even the real pope is what has been said.. that black pope is a secret and apparently is gonna stay secret for now

  5. STOP IT WITH INSULTING TRUMP! YOU'D BETTER HOPE HE'S NOT OF GOD OR YOU'RE IN FOR IT! I have a feeling you are in for it. God said He would raise a hand up against "them"… hum… do you think an all powerful God would raise a hand that was ineffectual, from a nation that wasn't the most influential on the world markets? Really? He said we'd be overcome (eventually), but it's in His time and for His people. I'm reminded, if it isn't of God it will amount to nothing, but if it be of God, beware that you find yourself fighting God (or something there abouts).

  6. Where can I see the original document please? None of the websites including the one you used actually say what the document is called, and it seems to stem from that website so until I get the document from original sources such as a Vatican website I am not going to believe this "story". Let's be sensible and not be deceived.

  7. The Pope has taken the personality of Satan, wishing to destroy the world thru global chaos.
    The Pope has no reason to be sticking his nose into financial matters! Go to hell Pope, you are of Satan and serve the dark angels.

  8. why don't we just take down the vatican, its does no good for the world unless they're on camera. take everything from the vatican archives to see their criminal past and present since the end of the 1st roman empire