Christian Journal | – Pride Preach Follow Up, Somerset KY

On Saturday October 1, 2019 Rich Penkoski from Warriors for Christ, Chris McComas from West Virginia Voices, Pastor Dale Walker from the Tennessee Pastors Network, and Joe Nicosia traveled to Somerset Kentucky to preach the wicked pride event they held.

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Comment (3)

  1. God's people follow God's rules. Let's just ascend and leave this nonsense and them behind for lack of knowledge. Wipe the dust from our feet. We dont want it to stick to us anyway. It reminds me of when Jesus was condemned so they put all their people up front to be the loudest. Just exactly like you are saying. Most people fall asleep on the 7th day we wake up on the 8th day. The cords of bondage are there worldly cares wrapped around them bound and boundless are the choices that we all must make. He that is within is the spirit. He that is on the out is the flesh which dwells on the earth. The spirit endures forever. The flesh does not. So if we constantly seek after things of the flesh and not the Spirit then how can you worship the spirit of God for you find no spirit through the will of the flesh. What is born of spirit is spirit, what is born of flesh is flesh.i will always wear my spirit and not my flesh. I will always be what I wear. When we share of ourselves we become a community. Whatever we share more of we all increase in. Spirit and truth always let it go forth and multiply

  2. I just had a conversation with my niece… who has been gay for four years…. When she came out with her lifestyle we let her know we can't agree with that and we cut ties… 4 years later I had a conversation with a broken little girl and told her a truth and the truth is that God thinks what she does is an abomination… SHE LISTENED!