Christian Journal | – SIGNS FROM GOD?

There is a lot of noise about falling gold dust, feathers, glitter, etc that seem to appear out of nowhere in some churches, but are these signs from God or are they hoaxes?
What does the Bible say?

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Comment (2)

  1. Bill Johnson stuff…ugghh.  Counterfeit stuff.  But you gotta remember that the scripture says that "These signs shall accompany believers"…etc.  We don't follow the signs, but the signs follow the Believer.  (That's Believer with capital B).  Just because these counterfeit movements have prostituted the full gospel of Jesus Christ, doesn't mean we throw out the gifts of the Holy Spirit with the filthy bathwater.  And supernatural signs often DO manifest where there is genuine spiritual revival (i.e. in developing countries and China), not the phony baloney stuff, however.

  2. Wow, that's really rad listening to your testimony.  I had you on "watch later"  (which for me is usually "listen later" when I turn in or take a long nap)…and bro, couldn't fall asleep.  There are some things that are really mind blowing like in the case of Satanist-witch-heroin addict, or a homosexual getting saved AND healed (I only know personally of one such case, so that's really rare).  Anyhu…back to my nap to listen to the second half.