Christian Journal | – The Most Appalling Hollywood Pedophilia Accusations and Convictions

The mainstream media’s focus on sexual abuse in Hollywood is bringing to light the demented nature of the industry. While they bring these scandals to light in an attempt to highlight male dominance, they only tell half the story.

What many news outlets avoid is that this sexual abuse is not limited to adults, children are being molested, raped and sodomized. This is the real dirt on those in power, the real story that needs to be talked about.

“The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is—and always will be—pedophilia,” Corey Feldman said, adding that by the time he was 14 he was “surrounded” by molesters.

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  1. the entire agenda behind the constant coverage of this pedo crap is to make it so widespread and appear rampant. so prosecution is deemed futile and beyond practical. then deem it to be a sexual preference and not sexual assault. this is the goal. it's unbelievably devilish and will not be stopped. it'll continue. nobody has the tenacity to see it through. certainly not the public. cause the game is on and beyonce performs at half time.

  2. I'm sooo sad poor children mi heart is so broken omg omg why no one don't do nothing really all is corrupt and pedophil. …wee must week up and defend all children on thes world thes is happening in Italy same priest is a big pedophilia please wee ned too by together all these world please please people

  3. All the folks reading these comments. Remember at the Oscars when Roman Polanski was given a standing ovation by Meryl Streep and hundreds of others for the winner in the Best Director category 2003, all those actors that applauded for him. That’s Hollywood for you, they are all vile and have no morals, they are quick to hate on Trump but have no problem rubbing shoulders with some of the worst sexual predators in the world.