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It doesn’t matter what your denomination is, what your background is, or what political party you affiliate with, the problems we face as a country, and as a society are because of the [support us] /> The pulpit is silent because they are so afraid of offending, while those they are afraid of have no problem offending God

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  1. When did people start stoping YOU when you are telling the truth? Use to be you could talk to anyone about anything. People don't want to hear. Are just call you crazy. Who cares? Jesus Christ does, he knows what you think, what you say, and what you write down. Judgement yes it is good. We have to Judge people on their own action, why would you be friends with a killer, thief, or a lair? To be friends with your children? Have you heard birds of a feather flock together?
    Stand up for truth!

  2. Have you read the book Psalms of humidity? Also Psalms of humidity Facebook. Type in Psalms of humidity the Facebook and it will pull up its page. The purpose of the book itself is to explain the essence of love and hate in the individual readers heart. It ends the discussion of bigotry and dismantles the false Muslim faith. Stands for every veteran who is ever put on the uniform of a hero. On Psalms of humidity Facebook I just posted a post to end the discussion of abortion and also made a post to give the definition of a parent. You say you were looking for people that stand for truth. The Book of Psalms of humidity is very potent and is not recommended for children. My name is David and I live in interactive complex partial seizures. To finish the book I went to a neurologist and she performed in EEG in an MRI on my brain. The EEG revealed that I live in thousands of seizures every second and according to science I cannot form a single thought in my mind nor can I comprehend the essence of purpose of anything in the world around me or the universe beyond. I don't exist in this world according to man's best guess. I also have brain death according to the MRI of the back left hemisphere of my brain. I would tell you what that performs but you see I live in a state of Amnesia and can only discuss what I understand in this very second. I know nothing about anything within my life in no moment. Yet in the very second I am in in whatever conversation I am having I know what I need to know to comprehend how to overcome the moment I in them so I write to help everyone else understand their strengths and how they can overcome their weaknesses. I am not perfect far from it. I have made many mistakes in my life. This is not a book of self-glorification Psalms of humidity is a book of self humiliation to explain yeshua's Proclamation. I hope that you read the Facebook Psalms of humidity if you have any questions you can contact me through instant messenger on Facebook please have a blessed and productive day.

  3. Im not clear on what is happening here. I gather you have taken over this channel which is why you say you expect to lose many subscribers. Ive never been on this channel and only clicked cuz of the SILENCE on title pix.
    The Mario you speak of… is this the vigilant Christian? Is he finally GONE!!! Did he finally man- up and walk away from his deceptive lying entertainment show?
    Im so happy!!!
    Im in for your hard hitting Christian preaching. I want to do something real. Im not afraid to confront.
    Is that what this broadcast is about?

  4. The church i left after 18 yrs never taught us how to speak out the gospel in logical ways. They never taught us apologetics at all!!
    I think deep … about the strongholds that put a Christian bondage. I worked in deliverance. But i didnt learn how to speak to a non Christian about the truth.
    I learned the real way to salvation by searching it out in bible once i left the church and i realized that i knew nothing by way of being able to succinctly say why people need jesus.
    Im excited about you!!!

  5. the
    Christian Right that had been brainwashed into believing to support
    Israel at any cost , I'm sure the Lord was not talking about the
    Zionist government of Israel , but yet they listen to the likes of
    Hal Lindsey , Pat Robertson and John Hagee to name a few , talking
    about lost sheep , wow !