Christian Journal | – Tucker Carlson Decline in Men, Lack of Fathers to Blame

What about the lack of obedience to The Father? Maybe that has something to do with it as well…
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  1. I raised my kids by myself and none of them did what these kids are doing they knew right from wrong they didnt join gangs and they all work and never did drugs they are Christians and they are still married and take care of their kids it depends how they are raised

  2. I was raised by a single Mom. Im a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, I had an abusinve step father . I always felt like since my Dad didnt love me, or He would be here, and Mom must not love me or why would she let a man who is not my Father abuse me, and clearly the step father dont love me, why should I love myself. Why even try at life. Drugs made me feel better and forget those things.

    Today , I have a college degree, Im 4 years clean, unfortunately the Mother of my Son died of a drug over dose, so now I am a single , Unmarried Father. I use every moment, ever last red cent I get towards my Son. Over my dead body will he ever feel like I did growing up, and have to deal with the issues I went through.

    My Mother is a great woman who did everything she could to help My sister and me. Being a single parent is very hard. Dont have sex with women you arent married to, I know it might sound lame, but I wish I would have listened. Get right with God, get sober. go to School. White people are dying due to lack of Fathers. Men out there we got to step up. Start acting like Men. You may not know what that means, here I will tell you. A real man will sacrifice EVERYTHNG for his children, for His family. His time, his blood, his tears, He NEVER gives up, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much he hates work, no matter What. Women are a pain in the ass, we all know it, kids drive us nuts. thats no excuse to let your family down, there isnt one.

    I had to learn this on my own, without a Father, I reconcile that but NOT doing it to my SOn, and braking that cycle.