Christian Journal | – What in the World?! Blizzards of Snow in the Desert!!?

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  1. In our current world… weather is co trolled by the deep state. All this freaky unnatural stuff is the product of atmospheric manipulation, experimentation, or outright weather warfare. Don't know why most people aren't aware of this.

  2. amazing, mfatw has been warning about this, he says it's due to cosmic radiation getting past the magnetosphere and effecting weather, also with the sun in a solar minimum the magnetosphere is weak now, definitely not looking good all over the earth.

  3. I have lived in UAE for last 9 years and every year during this period it's rains heavily we have lighting we have strong wind and sandstorm and we have snow that falls only in one place in UAE. Your video does not showcase things in the right perspective. For heaven sake stop using God for anything and everything. It is very common for the temperature to go down in the dessert especially at night.

  4. See the fruit of your Spirit Sandra. Believe like you and end of discussion. You who do not have a full understanding of witchcraft and what exactly necromancing encompasses. And then you attack, telling people they don't know the spirits, people you don't even know. Spirits, key word here, and there are other words and phrases you use that anyone with an once of discernment sees the spirit you are operating in.

  5. UN Agenda 2030—united nation and federal land grabs through eminent domain–ICLEI-Strong Cities NETWORK etc.—-UN Depopulation Agenda through forced and mandated geoengineering–fluoride–vaccines etc.!!!